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Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by graystan21, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. graystan21

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    I have been somewhat inspired to build a modern city with various districts and a skyscrapers lining the horizon. Since the idea I have revolves around having some sort of port area, or even a collection of medium to large islands being each their own district, I have decided to start the build in an ocean in the builder world.

    What I'm asking of the other players on the server is, who would be willing to help in this endeavor. This project would require builders and terraformers mainly, possibly some skill in general landscaping. Every person who helps will be given credit for what they do, and possibly help in a promotion of some kind, though it cannot be certain you will be promoted for what you build.

    Just according to who would be helping in the build, I was thinking of assigning people to work on designated districts. Districts will include, but are not limited to, a downtown area, shipping/port district, red-light district, possible residential (still just a thought). Any other ideas are immensely appreciated.

    If you would be like to be apart of a build like this, please leave a response and your skill set that will suit this build. This is also a learning experience for players to learn how to build a modern metropolis, no prior experience in this style is necessary. Strongly need a terraformer to start this project due to the lack of land in an ocean. To see the location, /warp city (name may change, will update warp on this forum if needed).

    *Have decided to move the build somewhere else so there will be less work in the island making. Will need help clearing trees (or I might buy VIP perks for the 4 day deal). Its right next to my medieval build /warp Gristown. Basically if you facing the town from the boat you warp to, the city will be straight past the mountains, signified with Iron 1x1 towers for now.
  2. Benokt

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    Ill help ya... if this city is not already complete (a lot of threads are outdated). I am a good terra-former and can work wonders with wood, glass, and stone. I'm also a Builder II, so I know what I'm doing. I am on at regular tomes on Saturdays from 7:30 EST to 9:30 EST.
  3. Benokt

    Benokt New Member

    Oh and I also have an ocean build (medieval style) at /warp OceanCrest
  4. stlnaturals

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    I'll help also, i have 2 modern builds at /warp STLUniversity and /warp SunsetHills(notcompleted) and i also have a medevil build but i forgot the warp lol but it isnt much but anyways i would love to help i could landscape and build some of the houses maybe and im also Builder II and am on basically all day staurday's and between 4-9CMT on weekdays.
  5. graystan21

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    I would love both of you to join. Just read the little edit I made to the original thread and I hope I can see you both on the server.