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    This is a question about the finer rules of promotions.

    Me (reshatok) and a friend of mine(Scratchee) are working together on a project simply because we think its more fun to build together.
    We are building almost every part together, e.g. if we build a house we hash it out at the same time both of us building the house at the same time. Input is roughly 50/50.

    My question has three parts.

    1. Can people be promoted for a team project from Builder 1 to Builder 2?

    2. If one of the team members is already Builder 2 can the Builder 1 team member be promoted to Builder 2 for their part in the team build?

    3.Can Architect applications that revolve around a team build be allowed/considered? *
    *Assuming the size and quality was proportionate to the number of team members

    I hope this is not a duplicate question.
    I tried to place this in the most appropriate section, feel free to move it.
  2. A360P

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    1. Yes

    2. Depends how much effort they put in and whether it is worthy of builder II. Bear in mind there are two of you so we automatically expect the standard and or scale to increase.

    3. IMO, definitely not architect is a rank you earn solo due to the respect and responsibility that comes with it. Also, arch isn't solely based off of building skill, but also as much from your 'presence' and helpfulness on the server, among other things.
  3. reshatok

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    Thanks, so to clarify number 3 or maybe another question entirely.
    A single person applies for architect, in this application is the things you would normally find in an application but also reference is made to a team build.
    Would this team build be completely disregarded for the application as someone else contributed or would it be considered a legitimate part of the application and weighted for what is appropriate of a team build?​
  4. A360P

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    No, you can reference your part in a team build if outlined clearly what you contributed.