I don't like my new addition to my house.

Discussion in 'Demolition Request' started by UberDarkAardvark, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. UberDarkAardvark

    UberDarkAardvark Member VIP

    Which map? (peaceful or pvp) Peaceful

    What are the coordinates? (use /getpos)

    Does HawkEye show any data? pepijndb

    Do you see any locked chests or furnaces? I don't think so, found 2 unlocked chests.

    If so, who do they belong to? N/A

    What does /seen [playername] show? Jan 27th

    Any other information that you can provide? He built a hotel looking this like, on top of my pre-existing house. I left a sign telling him to move the house ect. Actual sign said "You have five days to move the house or I turn it into a roller coaster -Uber" and Quietsea put a sign on top saying "Hi -Quiet" but he simply removed the signs and disregarded the message. I don't like being his basement :(

  2. Chronos

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    a little tip .... Don't build with people you don't know. And this stuff will not happen
  3. Pieman_Is_God

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    Ah I remember checking this a while back, still not resolved? I spoke to pep, he informed me quiet had already told him to move, but he was wondering whether he could have his house moved via world edit, so I left it up to Quiet. If is not resolved soon I will ask pep when I next see him. :)
  4. UberDarkAardvark

    UberDarkAardvark Member VIP

    ... Ive been here for 2 years. Have i ever shared or built with anyone other than ninja?

    Alright, my Modreq just told me to put this here and since the house was still there i posted it. Thanks for talking to him though, he appears to be on when im not. Ima keep this post here though. It speeds the process up a bit.
  5. sharqman

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    You haven't been here for 2 years :p the server hasn't been up that long yet

    I'll tell him to move, he can't have his house moved via world edit, he shouldn't have built that close to anyone in the first place.
  6. sharqman

    sharqman Well-Known Member VIP

    he was banned today for griefing, i'll give it a week, if he doesn't appeal I'll remove it.
  7. UberDarkAardvark

    UberDarkAardvark Member VIP

    Lol whoops. That was a typo. I meant 1 year XD well a year and a half by now :p Anyway, alright, I will wait it out. Thanks Sharqi!