Not being allowed to delete my own warp?

Discussion in 'Creative Server Issues' started by Legend9468, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Legend9468

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    Or at least, I think it's still mine.

    So a few of you may remember that when I first joined, the warp to SteamTown used to be SFarm. I'm going through a fair bit of nostalgia at the moment, so I decided to make it again at the original location. Only to find that it already existed. I then used to warp to find myself back at one of the fields in the build.

    Upon trying to delete the warp, I've found that I do not have the proper permissions to do it. I'm slightly confused, as it leads right into the middle of my build
    (and I also feel that the name is partly my intellectual property. It was a well known build when I did it and I have some emotional attachment to it.).

    So is it possible to delete the warp using Administrator privileges and/or find the owner of the warp?

    Thank you kindly
    - Lege
  2. Chronos

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    101122356 is the owner of /warp sfarm .... also to find the owner of a warp do /warp info name of warp
    like /warp info sfarm

    Edit: also i think only the owner has to give the warp to you or delete it or only max can delete the warp i dont think the rest of the staff is able to delete them but they might be able to. ask them is the best way to find out :)