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    To make things a little more interesting in the pvpgames, I made some modifications to the game mechanics that makes it more challenging to the player but, in return they will potentially get more loots if they survive. (King of the hill)

    1. Security Turret:
    This is basically just me sitting in one place vanished with a bow near the loots drop area shooting at people with half pullback. Turrets are only active for 1 minute, and will have an announced cooldown of 30 seconds.

    2. The Juggernaut:
    This is me in maxed out diamond armor and a clean diamond sword trying to find people. I can only walk while having a slowness potion extended effect on me. The juggernaut is always at constant movement to prevent camping in one particular area. Juggernaut only lasts for 3 minutes with a 1 minute cooldown.

    Areas near the loots drop area will have dispensers filled with a variety of hostile mob eggs and will be announced when the dispensers are releasing the mobs.

    4.Dual dispensers:
    This keeps the players coming back. Dual dispensers are unlocked once the 1st dispensers loots are halfway out, and i activate the 2nd dispenser which will contain more loots to dispense at the same time as the 1st dispenser. At this time, more mechanics of the arena will be activated to attack the player once the dual dispensers are active.

    5. Blackout:
    Sometime during the round, I will worldedit in a cover over the arena to completely blot out the sun to spawn in more hostile mobs. This will only last for about 5 minutes and will occur only once during the round.

    See you next events, and good luck to all survivors! :)
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