Minecraft 2.0!

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  1. Random0ne

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    Mojang has secretly been working on the 2.0 update and have let some famous youtubers test it. Today, they let them release videos on it. I think the new features are really cool, but by far the best thing is the removal of fishing. It was useless anyways, and now we can just get raw fish by putting items into "floppers", the replacement block for droppers. Here's the link for info on the upcoming update. I hope everyone is as excited for this as I am.
  2. sioutdoors

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    Floating sky islands woot woot
  3. sharqman

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  4. QuietSea

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    ._. i fell for it
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  5. Magetime

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    Lawl Good Job Random APRIL FOOLS DAY!
  6. sioutdoors

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    You tubers everywhere spamming this stuff. Floating sheep , pink wither bosses, diamond chickens, stained glass. Who knows what's real
  7. Random0ne

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    I almost believed the post, but then i saw the part about the framerate being improved. Then I knew it was a hoax.
  8. Liasha

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    Knew it was bogus from the start.

    I willfully disbelieve everything I hear on April 1st because it's almost always someone trying to make an idiot out of you. If not, the truth can wait a day.
  9. AwesomeGuy2010

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    I wonder if they ARE actually going to make Minecraft 2.0.....
  10. Legend9468

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    I always get confused, I see all of your April's fool jokes on April second.
    I basically have to brace myself for the jokes 2 days in a row.
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