Featherfall 4 boots not working.

Discussion in 'Survival Server Issues' started by kirederf60, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. kirederf60

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    For a while I have had problems with featherfall 4 boots, reducing no damage whatsoever, I have made over 7 featherfall 4 boots, with different protection enchantments accompanying them, out of diamond and iron, even pure featherfall 4. Nothing worked, I assumed this was just me since it was working for QuietSea and I haven't heard anyone else have problems. I have even tried with a fresh minecraft folder, deleting it all and downloading a new one.
    The weird thing is it works in ssp. And I found out just now that it doesn't work for Salmon_Flavour either, so I'm starting to suspect it being some weird bug on the server caused by either the build, 1.5 update, plugin bugs or perhaps permissions issues.
    I have a hunch it might be mcMmo causing this, especially since ender pearls no longer deals fall damage.
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  2. kirederf60

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    Post was ignored, did some extra testing with featherfall IV boots, falling 7 blocks does 2 hearts of damage.
    I had blumi, brenthi, Manglor and XxExistancexX testing it, two VIP Vs and a mod and a yellow, all produced the same results.
    The damage received with featherfall IV was one and a half hearts to two hearts, never went bellow that.
    It shows that featherfall did have some effect on the damage output, however in single player I am taking a constant half or a single heart of damage every fall no more.
    And last time I tested it from a fall that left me and salmon with 1 and a half heart left did not change with featherfall, however QuietSea had it working perfectly fine, I'd love to test it with other admins to see if it has something to do with that but there is obviously something wrong with featherfall currently.
    Also tested at a height of 12 blocks, 4 and a half hearts of damage, I never took any less than 4 hearts of damage, only a decrease of half a heart however in single player that was reduced to half.
  3. majestic_moose

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    Works fine for me
  4. kirederf60

    kirederf60 Active Member

    Just had moose test the feather fall 4 boots, same height as the 2 heart fall, he took no damage with the boots.
    So it's pretty much been confirmed that featherfall boots don't work for anyone but admins correctly and viably.
  5. QuietSea

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    Weird... If you can find the specific server config that can fix this I'm sure we can get max to fix it
  6. majestic_moose

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    I'd say it's something to do with no cheat and fly, since admins aren't affected by it like standard players are
  7. sharqman

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    I think fall damage is broken, you take fall damage while godded
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