FTB New Hardware?

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by QuietSea, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. QuietSea

    QuietSea Well-Known Member VIP

    So is there any news about the new hardware upgrade for the FTB server? Or has the server already gotten an upgrade?
  2. Dynodamon

    Dynodamon Well-Known Member

    We're up to 4gb from 2gb of ram (least that is what Blat told me).
  3. SkittlesQueen

    SkittlesQueen Active Member VIP

    lol i think FTB needs more than just 4gb, i think it needs like 10gb just sayin....
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  4. sharqman

    sharqman Well-Known Member VIP

    It has 10gb
  5. sioutdoors

    sioutdoors Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    So what's causing the crashes and block lag?
  6. Innowen

    Innowen Member VIP

    Anecdotally and with absolutely no factual data to back this up, it seems like we have gotten much much worse for block lag (even with a similar number of people on) as before the upgrade.
  7. Archenemy666

    Archenemy666 Active Member VIP

  8. North_Korean

    North_Korean Active Member VIP

    and FTB is down.
  9. Archenemy666

    Archenemy666 Active Member VIP

    Yeah the server is still crashing, I don't know if you made any changes yet... but yep.