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Should this be an event?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Warlordofnotch

    Warlordofnotch New Member

    Okay this is what the event is.

    On every friday whatever time you want, there is a building challanges.
    The admins (Thats you guys) Will vote on the peoples builds, there are 4 people in the challange at a time. The players on the server will pick the theam of the build, The people in the challange will have 10 minutes to build the theam, the admins vote for the build (The online ones) and the way you get chosen is you put a Paper in a chest with you on it and the admin will open the chest and click on any 4 thoughs 4 will build the theam. the winner of the event gets the joy of being the best builder for that theam out of toughs 4 players.

    I hope this event idea helps,
  2. Warlordofnotch

    Warlordofnotch New Member

    Who voted no!
  3. Pieman_Is_God

    Pieman_Is_God Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    Not me, but in response we have tried events and players go 'yeh! Itll be a great idea!' Then we set it up and players dont take part, or just dont finish. It would be nice to see determination from the players to get others involved and finish it.
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  4. QuietSea

    QuietSea Well-Known Member VIP

    Long term contests are bad. Maybe a 10 min build off with certain circumstances would be cool
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  5. AwesomeGuy2010

    AwesomeGuy2010 Active Member

    This would be good, monthly contests usually have to have big disscussions over themes and the building time is just too much of a hassle. 10 minutes with a theme like boats, airships, etc. sounds cool. Things that people are always nagging for and a few new topics to spice things up a bit will definetley be a hit. :)
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  6. TheOnlyGurra

    TheOnlyGurra Active Member Creative Architect

    we tried 10 or 20 min builds, everyone miss judged the time and got like builds that where only 25% done
  7. A360P

    A360P Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    I have a few ideas event wise that I'll be testing out over summer.