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    We are now taking new people.

    Standard Housing Covenant is as follow:

    You may choose to put a plot*** anywhere inside of the 3 valleys. This only applies as long as it is not under the overlap area, breaching someone else's plot, or on public property. If you wish to build on top of a mountain a land charge will be issued based on the location. Your building must look like a house*. A house may not be made of only one material, be a box, completely underground, or floating without structural supports on the ground.** If you do not feel you can meet these requirements a house can be provided to you upon appropriate payment to North_Korean.

    *A house is a building with more then one room that is structurally stable. Must have sound engineering**

    ** This definition is under town staff discrepancy and you may be evicted with a 48 hour warning with only a in game notice.

    *** A plot is a 22x22 area that is free as long as it is inside one of the three valleys. If you wish to extend your plot further upon request a cost will be added per 1x1 addition to the default plot size.