Public ages to reduce lag?

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  1. Innowen

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    A few ideas were thrown around hoping to reduce the lag on the server.

    It seems logical that the lag is being caused by everyone using their own ages to provide both power and quarry places for their own bases. However, all the different ages with all the chunk loaders so that things move slowly is probably crippling the server.

    Since Kir the Age Ninja has already created a few public lava ages, it was discussed while on the server that we should have a public or a few public quarry ages. 2 Lava and 2 Quarry ages would be better than 10 individual lava ages and umpteen quarry ages. It would reduce the number of worlds loaded and encourage love and sharing and rainbows and hugs and stuff. Once a world is depleted-ish we can create a new one.

    Sooo, sound like a shiny idea? We could create a link nexus in the end to the public worlds around the end portal so that we could just hop in and end up snugly in our own beds. No one would have to put any link books to their own homes there so everyone could remain blissfully isolated if they so desired.

    Hopefully, lag would be all but gone! The age ninjas would be heralded as heroes! Statues! Adoring masses! Sadly no parades or anyone throwing themselves at you. Alas.
  2. Liasha

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    A suggestion for a mining age would be flat, tiled biomes of extreme hills edge and meadows, always day, no weather, with crystals and glowstone. Gets you emeralds, bauxite, and occasionally apatite. Also, meadows support greatwood and silverwood trees for Thaumcraft things.

    I have such an age set up already; if anyone else likes the sound of it I can always make more books to it.
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  3. kirederf60

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    We can discuss which kind of worlds would be public and what they should contain.
    Quarry world: Flat mix of extreme hills edge and meadows, although though some might not like to have a tiled world so we could do medium or small biomes with enchanted forest.
    As enchanted forest also has bauxite and people want rainbow saplings.
    Mining age: Stacked ravines, extreme hills edge, dungeons, strongholds, nether forts(?), abandoned mineshafts, , caves glowstone crystals and crystals.
    This will allow people to go spelunking like no tomorrow, really helps with emeralds, glowstone and crystals and especially those much needed rubies for chrome.

    Lava Age 46 was made back when I didn't have all the pages I wanted so I had to make it with dark sun, regular weather and I didn't make it flat. And it had islands.
    Lava Age 117 however I had the ones I wanted, permanent sun no weather and flat, which in turn was about twice as deep as age 46 and there were no irregularities when it came to the bottom of the ocean as it was flat too. I'd love for people to move their pumps to age 117.
    Though some people don't move to 117 since you'd have to either find a library or pillar up through the lava, here's a tip on how to do it without having to do either. Place and grab a block with your portal gun or gravity gun at spawn and go to your desired location, then look straight up and drop the block, let it land on your head and it should stay there.
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  4. sioutdoors

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    land on my head damn o wonder it fell cause im an air head
    but anyway i love this idea and liasha's world gen list. This sounds like an fantastic idea and cant wait to help out anyway i can
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  5. Z_Millla

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    Let's do eeet. My quarry age has no loaded chunks so I'll add it to the list of ages that can be deleted. Liasha's quarry world sounds find to me, else just something flat with meadows/forest for bauxite. I'll just request a book after a bit more discussion.
  6. Magetime

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    Kire can I get a book to the new lava age :) but sound like a good idea
  7. kirederf60

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    There are linking books in the enderchest default channel, white white white.