Sorrey for excessive lieing.

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by FearTheGnome, May 25, 2013.

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  1. FearTheGnome

    FearTheGnome New Member

    What is your IGN? FearTheGnome
    Who banned you?(Sharqman

    Why were you banned? Excessive lieing

    When were you banned? 5/25/13 Today

    How long is your ban? Forever

    Can you explain what you know about the ban in more detail? I was trying to give an explanation but the way i worded things made me seem like i was lieing about everything.

    Why should you be unbanned? I think i should be unbanned because i beleave there has been a huge miss understanding. When i was filling out the form for membership and when it asked if ive ever been banned befor, i thought that it was asking me if ive been banned from this specific server befor, that is why i said no. I have been banned on a few servers befor for with nodus, but i have sence then changed my ways. I picked this server because a friend of mine played here, i was really hoping to start fresh and play legitly as a rule abiding player to this amazing server.
  2. iamenrique123

    iamenrique123 Active Member VIP

    You were banned 2 months ago from a server for using nuker. When we asked, you said it was like a year ago and that you've changed. Also, when we first asked why you had been banned, you said it was for killing and raiding on a server, and you didn't mention using nodus until later on.

    I don't think you deserve to be unbanned. If you had really changed, you would have admitted to your past nodus use.
  3. FearTheGnome

    FearTheGnome New Member

    I havent played in a long time the only time i remember useing nuker is a year ago but i dident think i had to tell every time i got banned so i said that one, the reason my i dident say because i hacked, is because i dident want you to think i was going to grief someone plus i can only put so much into the chat that i couldent explain things verry well, i promis that if you let me back on i will never lie to any of the staff again and i will not ever grief any thing ever. And i did get banned for raiding, killing , and griefing. And i also got banned for using nuker and for flying and for X ray but i dont want to play like that it gets boring and takes the fun out of the game so i play legit now without hacking or destroying other peopls stuff.
  4. sharqman

    sharqman Well-Known Member VIP

    unbanned. If you do any rule breaking at all you will be perm banned.
  5. FearTheGnome

    FearTheGnome New Member

    Thank you
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