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    As some of you know there has always been a bug in the ultimate pack where you can't generate ages properly in single player, well bad news it has spread to multiplayer.
    Whenever you make an age it will be randomized no matter what, changing pages does not affect it, however there is a workaround but it requires modifying some files but will be done by request.

    So from now on until a new update with the bug fixed, make your ages like normally and generate them, as you will see it won't be generated like you wrote it, then exit the age. Contact Dyno with your age number so that he can fix it and once it is done it will take affect after the next restart.
    Once the server has restarted enter the age and it should be generated correctly if you wrote it right.
  2. sioutdoors

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    that what was happening to me you think ?
  3. kirederf60

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    Depends on whether it was before the update or after.
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    Thanks mommy <3