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Discussion in 'Requests and Reports' started by Random0ne, Jun 24, 2013.

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    EDIT: I swear it had a poll when I posted it. Not sure what happened, but here's the poll.

    What is your IGN?
    Have you ever been banned from this server? If so, explain.
    No, I have never been banned from the server. However, there was one incident where i warped to DakodaRivers' house to help fight _Flagellum. At the time, the rule for warping to fight was only to a town spawn in a nation you belong to. I misunderstood and warped to a /home. In the end, I was required to pay 200r and it was over.
    Are you 14 or older, and if not are you mature enough to be considered?
    I am 15 years old, and I believe that I am mature enough to be given the moderator position. I do not get angry or annoyed easily. Likewise, I attempt to get along with others as well as possible. People who have talked to me in teamspeak or have befriended me on the server will probably tell you that.
    Have you ever been a moderator/admin on another server/this one?
    I have been an admin on a friend's private server. However, it had a max of about 10 people, so i don't think it really counts.
    When were you first seen on the server?
    The /seen plugin has not been working today, so I can't be absolutely sure. I think it was around January 20, 2012 though.
    Do you have skype/teamspeak/smartphone with tapatalk?
    I do have a skype, and I have been on teamspeak. I have not been on teamspeak as much as I would have liked lately, but I have been making an attempt to be on more. Unfortunately, i do not have a smartphone and therefore no tapatalk.
    Are you active on the server?
    I am on the server almost every day for a few hours.
    Are you active on the forum?
    I try to stay fairly active. That being said, I can't compete with a few of the members here postwise. I assure you though, I stay up to date with whatever is posted. I just don't reply to topics unless they interest me or i feel i could add something useful to the discussion.
    Forum post count?
    What time zone do live in?
    Eastern Time (American East Coast)
    How often are you online, and is there any time in the foreseeable future that you will be gone for a week or more?
    I am usually on from around 6 pm to 11pm with a few breaks in between. If I haven nothing else to do, I am generally on sporadically from noon to 11. I try to limit myself to 4 hours of videogame time per day. As for foreseeable absences, I will be gone on July 7th-10th and the week of July 14th.
    What sets you apart? Why should you be picked?
    I am a friendly person and will try to help where i can. I don't insult people unless they know I'm joking; I try to be mindful of others feelings. I have also been on the server for a while, but the same could be said for most of the staff anyways. However, this does mean that I know how the rules are suppose to be interpreted and care enough about the server to stay on it for more than a year. One thing that does bother me is when there is either no staff online or they are afk, and we get a guest who legitimately wants to join the server. I also have a tendency to be quite patient with people, including guests. I have walked guest through the application process multiple times after other give up. Perhaps we don't really want those people on the server, but I still think they deserve a chance. I believe that lack of bias is one of the most important parts of making decisions. I try to keep in mind that it's just a game, and make an effort to not get angry or upset over it. I feel that if I do so, I could easily make a decision I will regret later. For this reason, I won't hold any grudges over something so trivial. In my opinion, a moderator should treat all players equally and make decisions in the same manner. If selected, I hope i will be able to fulfill those standards.
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