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Discussion in 'Architect Applications' started by Ginjji, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. Ginjji

    Ginjji New Member

    The reason I would like to become an architect is because I think that I have improved greatly since I joined this server. I would also like to use the "powers" that architects have (VoxelSniper and world edit) to make my builds bigger and better.
    I have almost been on this server for a year now, July 3rd will mark one year.
    I have made
    /warp wizard
    /warp petrases
    /warp fangwood
    and helped with /warp poiseden
  2. Yoyojoel

    Yoyojoel New Member Creative Architect

    I like what I see, you have a some skill with building. However, if you want to become an architect, I want you to build something on a larger scale. something like /warp malgrave though that was a team build. For now i have to deny you my vote, but i think you have it in you. Just prove yourself on a larger scale and you're in. Good luck!
  3. A360P

    A360P Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    I will check this later, can sioutdoors confirm how much you did on poseidon please?
  4. sioutdoors

    sioutdoors Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    yes I can ginji did the original trident that I copied and pasted to its new location. Also the Poseidon mural on the wall and as well as helped out a lot with the main temple. And im sure had he not been absent for illness would have done much more. I said yes before and still say yes
  5. TehRawB

    TehRawB Active Member Creative Architect

    This was one of the harder ones ive seen.
    Your nordic/medival styled buildings are nice have the right shape and such but feels like they lack that extra edge/detail and poseidon is generly the only build at a arch lvl size in my opinion.

    I wont vote yes but im not voting no eather but ill budge for the general opinion on this one. You defenitly have the potential for arch but im not sure you are there yet.
  6. CW390

    CW390 Member Creative Architect

    I have looked at the builds, I see great potential. Though like Yoyojoel said, I want to see a large build showing off your every skill. I will have to say no for now.
    also... sioutdoors says you were sick?
    What was it? You ok now?
  7. AnnodynS

    AnnodynS Guest

    Is this thread still current? If so I will go look at his builds. I will go look at his warps after I'm done working today.
  8. Lionfish12

    Lionfish12 Active Member Creative Architect

    Honestly I feel like your style in petrases and fangwood is over done, and looks just like the houses that i've seen on a youtube tutorial series. Don't get me wrong, I like your houses, I think they're cute, but they don't wow me. They're also pretty small and I really want to see what you can do on a larger scale. Make like a large town with a huge castle, or something.
    A no for now.
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  9. TheKillorX

    TheKillorX Active Member Creative Architect

    lemme say first that i say potential in your builds, but i dont think youre at arch quality yet.
    i dont think wizard is good or outstanding :confused: (sry)
    and we have many small villages like petrases and fangwood.
    try to build something more unique, like the others said, something bigger then you maybe have a chance.
    but i have to say its a clear no atm
  10. TheKillorX

    TheKillorX Active Member Creative Architect

    well... im sry if i jugde too hard but i think youre not an outstanding builder on this server.
    we have many villages like petrases or fangwood on this server and wizard isnt really detailed.
    like the others said: build something bigger, something more unique. i dont want to demotivate you, but again
    atm its a clear no

    Oh and shockwaves... architect applications are reserved for archs and admins, so please dont post here :/
  11. Pieman_Is_God

    Pieman_Is_God Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    Looks like the majority vote is no, keep trying!
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