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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Dynodamon, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Dynodamon

    Dynodamon Well-Known Member

    After much discussion, we've decided to shut down the private ftb server. With the opening of, popularity on the other server pretty much went down to one or two people. Since it isn't reasonable to keep the server going for such a small audience, we're deciding to go in a different direction. That's where you all come in.

    What would you like to see replace the server? The only options that aren't available are any tech packs that are similar to ultimate (mindcrack, direwolf, etc.) or a plain vanilla server. Here's some ideas
    • DivineRPG
    • FTB New World Pack
    • FTB Magic Farm
    • FTB Infamy (Warfare pack)
    • Bukkit Apocalypse server
    • Many more
    Just let me know what you all might want.

    EDIT: A download link of the old world will be posted when it is available.
  2. Dman2416

    Dman2416 Active Member

    What would the apocalypse world be like exactly?
  3. bobbylou4

    bobbylou4 Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    i think Divine RPG sounds pretty sweet, adds like 115 new mobs, a butt ton of new weapons like cannons and throwing knifes, seems pretty sweet =)
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  4. waterpower1

    waterpower1 Active Member

    Basicially, zombies have over run the world. As the last group of survivors it is your job to save the human race.

    The only way to get items is to find them in chests or sometimes dropped off zombies. Swords will break very quickly so you will have to go looking for them very often. There are some sort of quests scattered around the map that serve as objectives for the game.

    It is very much like dayz servers.
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  5. CanOpenerTrooper

    CanOpenerTrooper Well-Known Member VIP

    Sounds like the old ShadeCrest survival situation (hardcore). I don't think many players would like this...
  6. waterpower1

    waterpower1 Active Member

    The focus is different, rather than trying to survive in a difficult situation the aim is to complete all of the objectives or kill the most zombies. Also, you usually can't destroy the environment in apocalypse mode.
  7. North_Korean

    North_Korean Active Member VIP

    What about a hardcore sun apocolypse server?So ultra hard mode with sun apocolypse for even more difficulty maybe hqve a town like last.
  8. sioutdoors

    sioutdoors Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    hexxit its fairly new. pretty fun and something like the yogsbox. Only rules cant build any houses just take over dungeons lol
  9. CanOpenerTrooper

    CanOpenerTrooper Well-Known Member VIP

    I would like something without building rules. I mean, I think the apocalypse server would never catch on. Something fairly simple maybe?
  10. North_Korean

    North_Korean Active Member VIP

    Well what if you were to use world edit commands and set it up like that for quick resets?
  11. Magetime

    Magetime Active Member VIP

    A survival faction server with grief stealing and such? These servers I find are extremely popular and so much fun to play on.
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  12. SkittlesQueen

    SkittlesQueen Active Member VIP

    Magic farms seem fun...I dunno a whole lot but anything with magic sounds fun lol....hell anything is fine with me, long as dyno is on my side:D

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  13. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    I like the idea of anything to do with magic or adventuring; it would be a nice counterpart to the servers already on offer.
  14. I love the magic farm pack, so that's my vote :D
  15. NMBr2d2

    NMBr2d2 Well-Known Member VIP

    How about a server that rotates fun things, like the MC version of TTT, Ghost Craft, MineZ, Wasted, and any other cool mini-games we find. We could also throw the sun apoc. server into the mix every so often, but keep it going for longer than the other things (like 3 weeks instead of 1).
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  16. A360P

    A360P Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    This kind of stuff is all being considered for the SG server, post any suggestions on the SG forums.
  17. treyman77

    treyman77 Active Member

    Maybe we could have shade crest public projects where we create a world and terraform/build a world and maybe when we are done send the world out as a custom map. For other mine craft players to play and look at.
    Sort of like everyone gets a town or can help with one and they build it up and make a giant continent of towns, kingdoms, castles, villages, and such. :D
  18. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    While I agree this sounds like a good idea in theory, we have nowhere near the level of community participation required for a project of this scale Imo. Although a single kingdom scale thing may work, but like with the competitions, people would be enthusiastic for about a week, and then we'd have half finished builds all over the place.
  19. treyman77

    treyman77 Active Member

    Yeah maybe that will be the case or something but we could start small with people just making 1 house for a city or something to test how this works.
  20. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    We came up with a similar discussion with the Voltz server idea. I think this is the best one so far, we run a (possibly unbalanced? just to make it interesting) apocalyptic server, with regular map resets/pack changes.

    If we find a way to implement factions/teams, we could run it as a monthly tournament thing. A bunch of teams would go in for a week and stockpile all they can in preparation for the Rhana Dandra (final battle) at the end of said week.

    The regular resets should help keep things fresh, and game pack changes should work well.

    We could also have a team that makes landmarks for future games. As in not make a whole map, but maybe insert a few prebuilt towns, towers or caves.