[PvP] Tournament

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    All of the above added
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  2. Padaun

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    Participants: Padaun and iiDreamzzHD
    Name: Swaggin Squids
    Tag: Swag
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  3. AwesomeGuy2010

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    Participants: AwesomeGuy2010 and CanOpenerTrooper
    Name: Awesome CanOpeners
    Tag: ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

    Cano let me know if you want to change the tag.
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  4. CanOpenerTrooper

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    it's all good. Hopefully I will have time to do this. Must. Finish. My. Homework.
  5. AwesomeGuy2010

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    I. Feel. Your. Pain. And. I'm. Only. Year 7.
  6. CanOpenerTrooper

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    Follow my ways Padawan.
  7. AwesomeGuy2010

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  8. Ralk75

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    My partner has not been on for almost a month....
  9. NMBr2d2

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    Just pvp with petfish :D
  10. Ralk75

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    0_0 maybe.... maybe...... I could find someone else without a partner.
  11. Pieman_Is_God

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    still need those teams guys
  12. Ralk75

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    Can't with myself. If anyone wants to play and doesn't have a partner I can team.
  13. aarondang

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    Well, I am going to go on shadecrest later and post the link when I can get on.
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  14. ndvenckus1

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    Participants: Alan321 and I, and Jasperli if Alan can't make it
    Name: Team Arcadia
    Tag: PvP-Pro

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  15. aarondang

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    Taking 2 partners D;. Let someone else get alan or jasper so we can have more teams.
  16. Alan321

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    No its so that if i can't make it he will have someone and i won't leave him to dry. Parents took my comp away so idk if i can make it.
  17. Ralk75

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    Participants: ralk75 and oiShocKWavesv
    Name: Team of Hue
    Tag: hue
  18. Pieman_Is_God

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    Awesome we can start.

    Here's the bracket:

    Ok, one member of each team, needs to get in contact with one member of the team they are facing and organize a time and date they want to fight, please also inform an admin to ref your game/record the result.
    I'd suggest starting a conversation on here with all the team members and one ref.
    You gear will be provided just before you fight, so be sure to include any survival admin (who is happy to do it I guess lol)

    awastedlife sharqman This ok?

    Once all teams have fought the same will happen in the next round.

    Recap of rules and prizes below:
    - No enchanted items
    - No potions
    - No mcMMO
    - Equipment will be supplied, bring an empty inv

    - Full diamond armor
    - Ironsword
    - Bow and 32 arrows per player
    - 4 cooked pork

    - Special tag in chat that will last a month.
    - 10,000r
    - Each player will receive the specialized armor and sword of the players they have killed
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  19. Magetime

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    Me and Aaron vs Alan and Ndv? :D
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  20. o0z

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    yoyooyoyoyoyoy, can i change my partner form zombieslayer to orgasims?