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Do you think I would be a good moderator?

  1. Yes!

  2. No...

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    THEdeadRETURNED Active Member VIP

    What is your IGN? THEdeadRETURNED

    Have you ever been banned from this server? If so, explain. Nope

    Are you 14 or older, and if not are you mature enough to be considered? 14, almost 15

    Have you ever been a moderator/admin on another server/this one? I used to be a moderator on a now dead server, and own my own server

    When were you first seen on the server? First seen on creative: July 28th 2012 survival: June 17th 2013

    Do you have skype/teamspeak/smartphone with tapatalk? Skype, and can install teamspeak

    Are you active on the server? Yep

    Are you active on the forum? I'm on every day, in the shout box quite a bit

    Forum post count? 33

    What time zone do live in? EST

    How often are you online, and is there any time in the foreseeable future that you will be gone for a week or more? A couple hours a day, almost every day. I do not think I will be gone any time soon

    What sets you apart? Why should you be picked? I have experience running my own server for almost a year, and being a mod on another server before that, so i think i would be good for this roll.
  2. sharqman

    sharqman Well-Known Member VIP

    Locked. Try to be more active, social, and helpful in game. I either never see you on or never notice you on.
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