Beautiful amazing ASian Style Build

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Will i be the next American Architect?

  1. yes

  2. no

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  1. Why i want to become an architect? Because Im always enthusiastic to building and creating different unique constructions. I always wanted to build but building is one process of having fun, the other process is making friends helping out and making ever one feel welcomed to the shadecrest community. I have helped many of fellow friends and i also helped the new people. I put my best in everything and I can always get job done with beautiful and amazing work. i dont let people down nor do i pick on people, instead i always give them a positive feed back. I have built many of buildings with unique designs, i can show you even more if you chose me for architect. i been on this server since last year and i have learned so much and hope to grow my knowledge even more. i love to make friends and i love a server that everyone can get together and I'm fair and equal to everyone. Warp Beautiful and Warp Anatoly

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  2. sioutdoors

    sioutdoors Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

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  3. Nexus55

    Nexus55 New Member

    Incredible Job! Looking forward towards your promotion to Architect. You deserve it :)
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  4. hywzerboydy

    hywzerboydy Active Member VIP

    I'm starting to get worried about my application, just realised that it is crap :p
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  5. Ksapple107

    Ksapple107 Active Member Creative Architect

    I have seen your builds in the past, a whole bunch of which are not on this application! But I love the way you build right on a mountain and still accomplish what you have. You are great at working with the terrain. One thing, stay away from flat stonebrick! Including the wall around the build/through it almost. It could be a bit more curvy.

    Overall it is a yes from me! Good detail in the main builds and I know you have it in you :D
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  6. oiShocKWavesv

    oiShocKWavesv Well-Known Member VIP

    Very nice, I really like your style of building. Keep it up!
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  7. sioutdoors

    sioutdoors Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    why am I the only admin that posted here?
  8. Ksapple107

    Ksapple107 Active Member Creative Architect

    no idea.... it's going slow
  9. TheKillorX

    TheKillorX Active Member Creative Architect

    sry for being so slow xD noticed this thread a long time ago, looked at the build and somehow forgot to reply...
    maybe because im actually not sure what to say about this build :confused:
    its just that i look at it and think: it has good detail but somenow im not impressed...
    well i guess its just not my style of building so all in all its a yes :D
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  10. Lionfish12

    Lionfish12 Active Member Creative Architect

    I really like your style, and I feel like you do it very well, i'm just not a huge fan of your block choices, especially at beautiful. I don't like all the cobble, it makes it look overwhelming, and I don't like the birch wood logs either. Also, I think you can really work on creating a more natural flow when connecting your buildings. I don't like the look of the square stone pathways and coverings that connect it all, from above it makes it look a little too uniform when it should be more natural.
    Honestly, I really don't like anatoly. I like a lot of the individual builds there, but how you put them together doesn't work. It just looks like you took a circle and placed some buildings, then decided put some paths around so they look connected.
    Overall, I think you have a great style and can build, but you need to work on your large scale building, make it look more natural, and work with better blocks that go together.
    So I think I will say yes, but keep this in consideration in future builds, because I know you can do it better next time :)
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  11. dont worry about it , and your gooing to do well .:)
  12. Ksapple107

    Ksapple107 Active Member Creative Architect

    I think you should do another build similar to this Anatoly, but very large (once you have Architect that won't be a problem :) )

    It would be really great, and unique. Also, don't listen to the people who don't like birch, that's just them! It fits the build imo.

    (should have kept this to a PM)
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  13. are you coming online anytime soon ?
  14. Ksapple107

    Ksapple107 Active Member Creative Architect

    No actually, I'm heading off to play some jazz (got a gig today) cyou later tonight most likely! :)
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  15. okay see later than
  16. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    I love the size and complexity of it. Also the fact that I had fun exploring it contributes to this yes from me.
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  17. AnnodynS

    AnnodynS Guest

    I have to say that I love your build as a whole. The impact is impressive and dramatic. And with so many admins voting yes, ones who are much better builders than me, that makes me hesitant to say any thing negative. The best thing is how beautiful the buildings are.. awesome roofs and the fact that you tucked them into the terrain. So authentic! I also like the walkways...

    but as I looked closely at the walls, interiors, and walked through many paths.. there was a lot of very repetitive walls--pretty much every building is the same.. and there is pretty much no interior to speak of. I guess I wasn't seeing a lot of variety either .And I'm not very familiar with PMC but I feel I have seen very similar buildings many times. I guess it's just the style.

    Love the little statue and i do see variety in how you laid it out. The layout is spectacular.

    So I'm probably way off here. It's definitely got the 'architect' wow factor-from the exterior. I would have felt more comfortable to see some other examples of building styles you can do.. like your plot world, or builder I or II.

    It's a yes from me if there is a consensus of yes overall. :)
  18. Could you put yes on the poll:)
  19. QuietSea

    QuietSea Well-Known Member VIP

    I said no mostly due to the fact that you've been immature in the past not because you suck at building. But yeah, if you don't screw around with people's stuff I'm fine with you getting architect.
  20. A360P

    A360P Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    I voted no, it's a decent build but it's not quite up to scratch imo. I like the dragon statuebut its the only thing that actually stands out to my eye. You clearly have the skill, but missed the execution. Good luck anyway.
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