New town- Mertio!

Discussion in 'Peaceful Towns' started by PhaseMaster, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. PhaseMaster

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    Thank you for visiting this thread! Mertio is a new town in progress, not official yet. Right now, its only a party. And so we would like to get more members! we have only a few ATM, but we will probably get more! The owners are me and pawnking. We have alot of farms and horses, and some shops, too! If you would like to join please reply to this thread, and if i don't respond soon contact me on the survival server. If im not on ATM, mail me!
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    **crash** sorry guys I bumped into something

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  3. LeafGreen877

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    Guys! We need more people there!
  4. PhaseMaster

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    More ACTIVE people*