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Discussion in 'Project Progress' started by zand3r96, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. zand3r96

    zand3r96 New Member

    Due to a recent interest from some of the admins on the server about one of my builds I thought I would do a post on it. I haven't gotten to do much work on it as the build isn't to large as I would like it to be. Just requesting some feedback from more people and seeing how everyone else likes it.



    P.s. If you can think of a good name for this build post it here if you could. thanks again.
  2. TheKillorX

    TheKillorX Active Member Creative Architect

    just google something like greek god names... this names are all awesome and im sure youll find a name that fits to this build. its how i do it always :)
  3. Lionfish12

    Lionfish12 Active Member Creative Architect

    I like it! Is there a warp to it?
  4. A360P

    A360P Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    Decent start, will be interesting to see you detail it when it is all done. Good luck and stuff. As for names, not a clue usually I make up some kind of story for my build and then run a name gen online and mix it all together. However, my naming is really bad so it might not be the best idea.
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  5. QuietSea

    QuietSea Well-Known Member VIP

    I like the lapis ore. Good use of it :3
  6. trukklob

    trukklob Active Member Creative Architect

    Very nice, zander... I saw this the other day and, wow! I love how the curves of the structure fold back in on themselves, it really draws your eye around the entire build. :D Looking forward to seeing this completed!!! <3

    The Atoll
    Neptune's Gate
    Azure Atoll/Azure Gate
    Ocean Helm
    Blue Horizon
    Triton's Pass

    (lol- cheesy, I know!)

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  7. zand3r96

    zand3r96 New Member

    There is not a warp but I could get you the coordinates (in the builder I world):
    X: -123
    Y: 67
    Z: 5728
  8. AnnodynS

    AnnodynS Guest

    Zander I am so glad you were able to post this as I had to go to bed and couldn't do it for you. (Since the website was down at the time.) You really do have a unique style and I admire it very much. Keep up the good work. :)
  9. zand3r96

    zand3r96 New Member

    Not to worried about it right now but am I able to ask what would happen to this when the worlds get reset and changed around? I will for sure work on it more until then but I don't want to do to much if i'm going to have to restart it. Hope you guys can save it!
  10. trukklob

    trukklob Active Member Creative Architect

    Keep at it, dude! If the reset actually goes through at some point in the near future, you should be able to make a modrequest to have the build moved to the builder 2 world. Plus, your build appears to mostly be in the ocean, which makes a future move even easier. One of the reasons the reset has been pushed for lately is precisely because good builders like you are often forced to build IN the ocean due to a lack of viable landscape to build on! Even in b2 world, there is shrinking space, which is why I built /warp trukapp (trukkapp?) out in the ocean myself. Transitioning to a new small plot/big plot system would keep the "freebuild" spaces more open for truly good builders to explore and create cool things, like your build here. (I vote for Azure Atoll!!) :D
  11. zand3r96

    zand3r96 New Member

    oh, love the name. The thing is I built this in the ocean on purpose:p it's meant to be a self sustaining man made island that can act as a port and city(though this one was meant to be more of a palace or private island for a ruler) so that I can put numerous ships and frigates around it. So I would prefer to put it in the ocean if at all possible.:D
  12. trukklob

    trukklob Active Member Creative Architect

    nice... kinda like rapture, but better! xD
  13. sioutdoors

    sioutdoors Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    very good lines everything flows nicely don't muck it up adding too much lol
  14. zand3r96

    zand3r96 New Member

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  15. thechooosen1

    thechooosen1 Active Member VIP

    I always liked illiterate names myself, Port Poseidon or Poseidon's Pass?
  16. Random0ne

    Random0ne Well-Known Member

    *cough* alliterative *cough*
  17. thechooosen1

    thechooosen1 Active Member VIP

    Dammit I didn't know which one it was :(