Shadecrest Mining Tutorial by North_Korean

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  1. North_Korean

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    So today I was talking to some of my town members. They did not know how to mine well so I decided I would make this.
    GEAR: I bring with me Three picks normally a fortune III, a Workpick(Efficiency IV Unbreaking III), and a silktouch.

    A water bucket is a must.

    A Ender Chest. (Reason for a silktouch!!!!)

    A fireres (Smashable in case you are not walking out of that lava)

    ARMOR AND WEAPON: I generally wear fireres armor. But if that is in short supply regular diamond will very much fit your needs.

    A Sharp III with Knock II. You normally are not dealing with players so in terms of weaponry something to keep the buggers off you is all that is needed.
    HOW TO MINE: Ok so you have your gear all set all the items ready, your ready to mine. But before we begin how will you mine?

    A straight line below lvl 15 since that is where diamonds spawn. Caves are dangerous. A straight line takes advantage of super breaker and if you hit dirt, gravel, or lava. Just turn.

    EDIT: A diagram was there but the forums messes it up.
  2. oiShocKWavesv

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    This works so well it's unbelievable. And to think people told me caves are better...
  3. aarondang

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    Why bring a fortune pick if you can just silktouch the ores. You can fortune it at a time when you need exp or need the ore.
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  4. oiShocKWavesv

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    That is a good point tbh, and it saves room in your inventory. But if you don't use a silk touch pick like me then just fortune III works just fine.
  5. North_Korean

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    I mine for lvls.

    Lvl 30 tells me I am done mining. Use your discretion.
  6. Legend9468

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    Another basic way to do this is the tree method, which is a straight line, like North said; but with branches of about 20 blocks (for me, anyway), at 2 or 3 block intervals. It helps shorten your tunnel if you don't want to end up with a massive sprint all the way back to where you started.
  7. North_Korean

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    Mine ends up being a giant square really or some weird polygon I turn where dirt, gravel, and lava is generally.
  8. oiShocKWavesv

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    Plus you can just warp away and make a new tunnel as needed.
  9. Dezmo489

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    I also dig straight down to 10 standing above two blocks. Standing over two blocks prevents you from falling into a ravine or lava (or the occasional spider spawner :p). Just be careful with that efficiency pick!

    Edit: I wouldn't suggest this outside of the mining world. But keep in mind your fellow players and block off the top to avoid killing a friend. Mining straight down is against server rules but shouldn't be a problem if you cover up your tracks, correct?
  10. majestic_moose

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    Yeah they're not recommended because they're technically death traps in a no PvP world
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  11. Dezmo489

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    I want to add one more thing to this.

    Spread your inventory out. I usually only like to pick up 3 stacks of coal during a trip, therefore I put coal in three inventory slots. While I spread my iron, gold, and diamond across my remaining slots. This prevents me from grabbing items I would have to dispose of later(gravel, dirt, etc) so I only bring home what I want :D
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  12. thechooosen1

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    Or take wood (if you don't have access to /c) and only have 2 slots for coal and redstone (blocks and items)

    Also take food :p food is a good idea

    EDIT: Shortly after posting this I went mining I'm talking 1 minute later and I forgot food D=<
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