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  1. oiShocKWavesv

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    Since people don't want you to clutter up the shout box, here is a thread where you can discuss all your gruesome and horrible injuries. Or just about you dislocating something as a kid.

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    got my head smashed into a wall...
  3. oiShocKWavesv

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  4. kizzyfazzle

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    I slipped backwards in my vomit and broke my left wrist :D. The year before i fractured my elbow twice.... I HATE CASTS!
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  5. InvaderZar

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    One time I punched a girl so hard in the face that I broke three fringers on my right hand. Three broken fingers was miniscule in comparison to what I did to her face.
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  6. QuietSea

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  7. oiShocKWavesv

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    Almost every single joint in my body can click... my elbows, fingers, neck, back, knees, toes, ankles, wrists.. all of them.
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  8. North_Korean

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    I once was running the mile at school I was 9 anyways we didn't have a track so we ran the perimeter of the school twice. At one point there were tons of little holes. One leg fell in and twisted. Pop goes the weasle.
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    Dang zar now I know not to make you mad
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    Here's my story: I was helping my dad fix something on the roof of our house once. When I was coming down to grab a tool I forgot the ladder tipped over and I fell straight into a rock, snapping my femur (FYI: the hardest bone to break in the human body) completely in half. It was so bad as I laid mostly paralyzed on the ground I looked up a bit and saw the bone sticking straight out out.
  11. SkittlesQueen

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    When I was about 13/14, I was coming down the basement steps n my older bro thought it'd be funny to hide around the corner of the steps to jump out n scare me,well he scared me so much that I ran up the steps not thinking that my step mom was in the back room I ran out the front door jumped all 5 porch steps landing on my feet only to go down,holdin my ankle...I twisted my ankle...wasn't fun usin crutches at school cuzz the hallway went up n down n thats the only thing ive hurt badly

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  12. AnnodynS

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    Just broke both feet about 3 weeks ago... left toe and right something .. bone stepping off the deck and caught a slab. Torqued my foot sideways and snap. I seem to be really good at this sort of thing. One foot broken would be so boring.. :D Side benefit.. is I'm here again! Have to stay off the foot as much as possible in the next few weeks.

    Can't drive. :(
  13. oiShocKWavesv

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    Wow that sucks :( touch wood, I haven't seriously broken anything yet...
  14. InvaderZar

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    The story just shows how petty and idiotic I was. -.-
    There was a guy a while ago I thought I loved, and she was one of my best friends so of course I told her everything about my feelings...about a week later I decided I was gonna make a move and found them both making out by the water fountain, skipping class. I got so mad I yanked him off of her and punched her in the face. I dislocated her jaw and fractured her cheek bone. We both had to go to the hospital and I was suspended for three days.
  15. oiShocKWavesv

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    Damn! That must have been a god damn hard punch!
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    Ohh man this thread is so gross. I hate these kinds of stories but can't help reading them. Yours made me laugh, Kizzy. Time to add my own!

    The first time I broke my arm was when I was very young and wrestling with my brother on a water bed (4 years older than me). Parent's didn't actually believe I was hurt, so I didn't go to the hospital until I re-injured it later at McDonald's. Meh, I got my happy meal.

    Years later after I started skateboarding, I thought it would be cool to try my friends roller blades. One gnarly trick later and my right wrist is broken. The same weekend I got the cast off my wrist, I completely snapped my left arm in half while skateboarding. Wasn't even a cool trick, I just landed really awkwardly on a ramp.

    Then finally, about a year after that, I get into snowboarding and end up dislocating one of my shoulders. This starts a recurring theme were I can frequently dislocate either of my shoulders doing the most mundane tasks. I've lost track of how many times it has dislocated. Finally had surgery one of them, will likely have to get surgery on the other at some point in the future.

    I suck at not getting injured. :p
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  17. oiShocKWavesv

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  18. InvaderZar

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    Not too long ago I sliced the palm of my hand open down to the bone while knife-throwing. Stitches are not fun. :D
  19. oiShocKWavesv

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    Knife throwing? That actually sounds really fun :D
  20. SkittlesQueen

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    Holy crap!! And I thought my grandmother had it bad...but damn....I think this tops the list so far

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