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    Your story reminded me of a time I ate something in cabo that made me sick in the car. I got to the point that I couldn't hold it in anymore so I told my dad to stop, ran out the car and ran straight into a cactus. I guess all the stabbing on my torso caused me to throw up on top of myself. It was a super embarrassing night for me.
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    Reminds me of the time I was walking on rocks in hawaii (The wave breakers they have around the bay in hilo for anyone wondering) Anyways my father and I were walking and I slipped a snail with a really sharp shell cut open the side of my knee. My knees hate me D:
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    This thread is for those poor people who don't get enough attention at home.
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    This just shows that physical activity is a no no :3
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    Sometimes I feel like these posts are just to make Shockwave have a high post count.

    I needed to say this because its been buying me for sometime but this topic doesn't seem 100% appropriate but I'm just a bit sick of it. I do have sympathy for all you guys injuries and stuff :)
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    I made it because one of the admins said the shout box wasn't an appropriate place for all this stuff and suggested that one of us made a thread for it. No one else did so I did. I don't really care about post count, why does it even matter? It's not like if I get to like 500 posts I get a special prize... I couldn't care less tbh. Just because I'm very active at the moment it doesn't mean I'm putting up as much as I can for post count... ._.
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    Not really a big injury, but I managed to sprain my ankle during the mile time trial at XC tryouts today -_-
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    Sounds fun...
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    Yeah, now I'm icing the crap out of it. Can't feel my foot.
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    Oh my gosh Zar.. you're one amazing girl! Poor kids.. I hope they are ok. lul Remind me to be careful if we ever pvp. :)
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    Lmao, thanks, Ann! They went on dating and I just rode off into the sunset like
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    N00b, spraining your ankle on a track :p

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    Yeah, you're telling me. Managed to get through a distance run on a muddy course full of roots, only to screw up my ankle on literally the last step I took on the mile.
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  16. Oh boy, my time to shine!

    Goodness gracious where do I start?
    I'll keep this to purely MTB related, and only the most memorable ones, otherwise there would be too much.
    To organise further i'll separate injuries into three categories, flesh wounds, broken bones and other trauma.

    Flesh wounds
    Stitches: on two occasions, first time I sliced my forearm on a nice sharp rock. Second time I body-slammed the ground at a pretty quick pace, and it was less of a slice and more of a chunk missing out of my elbow. I managed to destroy one of my favorite shirts during this body slam, completely tore it to shreds. Funnily enough we decided to go to maccas on the way home, it was very awkward being covered in blood and dirt, lots of people staring, doesn't matter though the McChicken was worth it.

    Grazes: Undoubtedly hundreds, its almost at the point where i'm not even phased by a graze unless it's legitimately painful. I'll just share a couple.

    One of my most painful grazes would have to be from my very first DH race, I crashed and scraped my forearm along the ground, leaving it pretty torn up from my wrist to my elbow. It hurt a lot, but but it was a race so you've got to power on right! I decide to have another go of that section, I crash again, and I literally smash already torn up elbow into the ground AGAIN. PAIN OVERLOAD. I sat down and gave up after that one. Just happening to re-graze a graze was the most ridiculous part about it, I still remember it all vividly. On the plus side I had the most epic scar for years (it's mostly faded now).

    Second most painful graze was on my hand. I ended up punching the ground and put some grazes/holes on all the knuckles and first finger joints of my left hand (so 8 holes). Man, hands must have extra sensetive nerves or something because this was almost unbearable. I was washing it in the shower about 30 minutes after it happened and I nearly passed out, had to literally lay down and try to stop seeing stars it hurt so god damn much. I've got some pretty rad scar tissue from that now so i guess it was worth it ;)

    Broken bones:
    Toes, lots of toes, big toes, pinky toes. It happens when your feet snag rocks and roots. I'm up to my 4th or 5th pair of riding shoes cause I tear them to shreds doing this.
    Never broken a limb/rib/back thankfully, I can imagine that would really suck.

    Other trauma.
    Have had a couple of concussions, had to get checked up for those but they haven't turned out to be anything serious. They suck though, feels like you're constantly about to throw up and if you try to stand up you nearly pass out and have to get back on the ground again.

    Also did something to the muscle in my forearm once and I couldn't handle any weight on it for almost a week (couldn't write or pick up a glass of water). Just when I thought I should really get it checked out, the pain started to go away, and eventually it ceased. Not sure what actually happened in the end, my guess is bad bruising.

    RIP. half a dozen pants and shirts. My riding pants right now have 6 structural bobby pins... i guess I grow attached and I never want to let go.

    Isn't that just the worst! A good injury always needs a good story.

    That's messed up.
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    I've broken 6 of my toes, both pinkies, both big toes and a few others.

    I'll share my most recent one.
    So I was messing around on my trampoline and I though it was a good idea to push a smaller kids trampoline up beside it and jump from the smaller trampoline to the larger one. I happily did this several times before I somehow managed to slip off the side of the trampoline and fall on to the frame of the smaller one, toes first. I knew at least one of them was broken from the intense pain I felt felt in my foot and all the way up my leg. I looked at my toes and to my horror my second toe was pointing about 45 degrees in the wrong direction half way up the toe. That was when the extreme nausea and the feeling of going to faint came... I hobbled in to my house and showed my dad who immediately said "you bloody idiot" and took me to the hospital. From the X-rays they told me I sheared the bone in my second toe in half and severely fractured my big toe. Walking was not very fun for a few months.

    Also another time I managed to fracture both my elbows in one year xD. I'm so clumsy.
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    Well..... I went on this holiday it was so fun then i got conjunctivitis.... but I also managed to drop my friends new laptop on my foot (this was when the laptops were like 20kg) my big nail turned black and the people thought I had a broken big toe. Then they said I had a chunk of my bone floating around. Now I have ingrown toenails and i've smashed my nail plating....

    You already know about my 2 broken arms....

    Once I was at the movies and I was going down the steps I had popcorn in my hand and on the last step I twisted my ancle and spilt popcorn everywhere. I had to spend a whole movie rocking back and forth and I was with a friend so when I hobbled out of the movies my mums face was all like WHAAT??? I badly sprained it....

    Then there was this time I chipped my tooth. I was on this thing.... it was like a treadmill except instead on running of a flat surface It was round like a tipped over garbage can. But whatever I was running around it then I slipped and hit my took on the bar.... There was blood everywhere.... I chipped my tooth and split open my gum...

    Thats basically most of my bad injuries.....
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    About a year ago, we were over at my friend Marcus's house, and my other friend Will made me so mad because he told me I wasn't brave enough to climb to the top of the old oak tree in Marco's we all went out there and I threw off my shoes and began to climb.
    Weelll...I started climbing throught the top of the treee, where the branches were getting thinner and thinner, and you can probably see where this is going. I misplaced my foot and the whole branch just snapped under me and I plumetted (sp?) about twenty feet. Landed on my side and completely snapped the left side of my ribcage in half. I then proceeded to pass out, hearing Marco's girly screams and feeling Will slide his hands around me. Woke up in the hospital. Doctors said that they patched me up, nothing was shattered, and it was a pure miracle none of them pierced my lung. :D
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    I had to get stitches about 3 years ago on a skiing vacation when someone decided to practice for the Winter Olimpics at the ice rink....had to get like 12 stitches in my neck :(