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    My God you are one crazy chick
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    Well, let's see.

    In about fifth grade, I was playing freeze tag with my older sister and a few family friends in the backyard. In the middle of the yard was sort of an island of plants with a sharp rock edge. My sister was frozen, so I ran around the island to unfreeze her. I ran behind her and tagged her on the back, and then she bolted, and (for whatever reason) shot her arms out behind her, pushing me on the ground. I slammed my knee into a rock, and I still have a scar from it today.

    In sixth grade, we were playing tennis in gym class. Someone told me to jump over the net, so I was like, "why not?" I went to the service line, got a running start, and jumped. My first foot went over with room to spare, so I'm feeling good about this, then of course, my back foot gets caught on the net, and I fall forward, stopping myself with my wrist (fracturing it) and getting the wind knocked out of me.

    Since then, I've been relatively safe, mostly because I didn't want to break anything for track/cross country season. Although I do remember a few years back I got my first pocket knife (sometime in elementary school), I liked to stab it into an old heavy bag. I had recently "sharpened" it with a pair of kitchen scissors, of course making it extremely dull. I moved the knife back behind myself, going in for a super cool stab, when I hit in straight into the back of my leg. Thankfully, the tip was so damn dull from the kitchen scissors that it didn't cause any real damage aside from a small bruise :D
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    Really? Its in offtopic if he wanted to get a higher post count he could go make a game where you just spam chat the most wins.
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    I haven't broken any bones at all or sprained/twisted anything although there was this one time where I broke my tooth in half. The tooth I had broken was my Central incisor. How it broke, me and a group of friends were on a bench(metal) and one of them thought it'd be funny to be last one standing on the bench. So we pushed each other around and nothing happened until I got off then they came from behind and pushed me forwards smacking my tooth right into the bench taking half of the tooth. All I can say is breathing due to the nerve that was exposed hurts just as bad as breaking a arm would I assume :p

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    well, just found out i tore my MCL tendon. need surgery for it :(
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    Was running in x-country and I strained my quad. Can't finish the season. Doing 4+ weeks of physical therapy.
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    dafuq... you be making out at 14?
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    I have another injury :3....

    Me and my friends used to grab each other's school bags and act like we were riding a hits... Blah blah my friend tripped over landed on my I scraped my elbow and I still have the scar from year 2
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    Let's bring this backk!
    So Saturday afternoon (Boxing day) I notice my bottom lip on the left side is beginning to swell... like a lot... not thinking much of it I got to bed and wake up the next day with a lip 3x normal size, this thing is HUGE. I make it through the rest of Sunday with painkillers looking forward to going to the doctors the next day to get this sorted out.
    However! Things take a turn for the worse and I can't sleep due to intense pain. Realizing that Monday was a bank holiday and the doctors were going to be closed, my Dad takes me to the hospital at 4am. All they end up doing at this point is prescribing me with antibiotics and telling me to come back on Tuesday to see how things are going.
    My lip gets worse. Much worse.
    I go back on Monday afternoon at around 6pm where, after a 2 hour wait, the (rather attractive) Plastics nurse tries to numb my lip and drain it with a scalpel. Unfortunately it turns out to be an abscess which are inherently hard to numb, coupled with me being more resistant to local anesthetic then the average person, the 7 numbing injections didn't last long and the draining effort was unsuccessful. :(
    The hospital then admitted me and scheduled me for an operation to drain the abscess under general anesthetic on Tuesday. During the operation they cut a good chunk out of my lip and drained the puss/blood then stuffed the hole that left with bandage soaked in special liquids. This then got covered in gauze etc and stayed that way until Wednesday (today) morning.
    At around 11am I had to get the bandage redressed. This meant soaking the blood saturated gauze and plasters off of my face to get to the packing. This was very sore.
    Now they had to remove to packing. At this point I was on Morphine, Ibuprofen and Entonox (that gas and air they give women giving birth) but the pain I experienced when they pulled out the packing was awful. The nurses promised me that this was the worst of it over. They lied.
    They then proceeded to rinse out the hole with some kid of sanitary liquid which was excruciating before stuffing a whole new load of material in to the hole. The concoction of pain relief I was on did nothing for me and I can honestly say that this was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. Not gonna lie, I cried a bit.
    After being forced to eat something the hospital finally allowed me to head on home at 1:45pm, only after being told that I would have to repeat the re-dressing and re-packaging up to 4 more times over the next two weeks, and only on Entonox, no morphine...
    The nurses told me it gets easier and less painful as the wound heals from the inside out, but at this point I don't trust them that much anymore :(
    My next appointment is tomorrow at 1pm, to say the least, I'm anxious.

    For good measure, here's a picture of my lip after they took the packing out:
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    Geez man, that really sucks! Do you know what caused it to swell up?
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    -_- stop bumping dead threads ermergerd knobs
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    No one's really sure, we think it was a small spot under the lip that got infected.
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    Yeouch! Hope it heals fast!

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    I stood on a thumb tack barefoot. And I fell into a big box of lego when I was 5.
  16. I think I might understand your paint the most of anyone here Shock, I had a similar infection, though I'm not gonna say where because it's much grosser, and I've had 4 surgeries done on it with 4 different doctors, and it got infected several different times, and I even had that packing stuff done after the first one, though now I'm wondering if I should have actually had that because I definitely don't trust that first surgeon, and one of the doctors I felt was more trustworthy told me that that can lead to infections, or something to do with that, but I don't remember them soaking it in any sort of liquid, so I think you might be fine. I actually had a fifth procedure done, but that turned out to be unnecessary and they just ended up putting me under for no reason, though I was partially paralyzed, which was annoying, but now I guess I'm finally healed. I suppose I should mention that this whole debacle only came to an end earlier this year.

    Hope the nurses are right about it healing and hurting less, I think that was how it went with my wounds being packed, but it needed to be done like every other day, so it felt like longer than however long it actually was. Hope I haven't scared you, because I think your healing situation is much better than mine is.
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    A girl bit my eyebrow in second grade and lodged her tooth into my head.
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    Okay, 3rd grade we were out at recess. This was the last week of school before summer, and I was so pumped to have fun. A group of my friends and I decided to play this game called "Daredevil." The rules were that you would take turns jumped off the playground which varied in heights. It was my turn and I decided to jump off like 4ft, which was pretty lame. The ground where you jump off is shredded tire, so it's not that hard of a fall. I fell, twisted my ankle in the ladder and had a hairline fracture in my ankle. The recess monitor told me to walk to the nurse by myself which was like a mile. I also went the whole day, and had to hop off the bus on a fractured ankle. Teachers are dumb. I spent 8 weeks in a waterproof cast and went swimming everyday.

    Another story is when I was being babysat in 4th grade, it was Black Friday and my friend came over. She began to be really rude and stole my water bottle and ran to her house with it. So I chased her and she went into our neighbors yard which was to the right of my house. It was at that point that I knew I messed up. The neighbors dog came running at my and bit me on my left thigh. It was a black dog on black Friday. Animal Control came, an Ambulance, etc. My babysitter never babysat me again, I got like 10 stitches, and we sued our neighbor. Because of that incident, I was able to buy my first laptop, and go to Disney World with my father.
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    And form a life-long loving relationship with your neighbor, right?
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    no we moved after that lmao