So long, old creative server.

Discussion in 'Server Builds' started by damnsparks, Aug 19, 2013.

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    I'ma re-edit this cause this was worded badly. Smile, enjoy the screenshots over at PMC, and tell me how to block better for next time!

    It's been fun buildin' this with various people givin' out tips and tricks, Annodyn said it wasn't up to par for builder II so I'm stopping the project until wipe happens. Not mad, just not able to put up with so much detail knowing it should be way better without going crazy migraine . Had a good time, y'all good peeps.
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  2. QuietSea

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    WTF this got a no for Builder II?
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  3. Magetime

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    Dude that's architect in my eyes
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  4. Navarog

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    wat. You should see what I got BII with m8.
  5. reshatok

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    Looks like you feel like you've been done an injustice. I would like to think that there has been a misunderstanding but I also don't know if admins are given any guidelines on what it takes to become B2.
    While I don't like this quote thinking about my builds in 3D sometimes makes my head hurt.
    This all may be in vain a you are gone.
  6. damnsparks

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    No injustice, but maybe a wee bit putout. I was just hoping to squeak into BII before the world got wiped. I don't honestly see myself doing yet another step or two better than this in under a month so I won't bother. Anything more complex and my brain shuts off.

    I was just throwin out some screenshots.
  7. slappywhitee

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    If the screenshot above is your work then I really don't understand why you didn't get BuilderII. It's quite lovely, in my humble opinion.

  8. TheKillorX

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    hey slappy havent seen you forever :D
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    Lol. That's cuz I'm scared of clowns.
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    :( why dont you like pennywise D: hes the funniest clown ever xD
    PS: would you mind answering my pm? :p
  11. TheKillorX

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    cant really believe anno didnt accept this? :confused:
    normally shes very fair
  12. oiShocKWavesv

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    Someone tag Ann xD
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  13. TheKillorX

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    AnnodynS someone who wants to see you :p
  14. AnnodynS

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    This was more a lack of confidence in my own judgement than a lack of approval for his build. Also has anyone warped to his build.. and I honestly don't recall it being this done when I was asked to drop by. I have looked at it several times and there were some valid reasons for not immediatly approving it. We are so picky about both Builder II and arch. Looking at this one picture I can see why everyone is reacting to my decision.. but at the time.. it made sense.

    I'll have to go back and look and see what might have been the problem. Did he give us a warp?
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  15. AnnodynS

    AnnodynS Guest

    Do you have a location sparks? I can't even find it. I do thought I told you at the time I just wanted another opinion is all.
  16. QuietSea

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    So what we learned today is that
    can turn into
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  17. AnnodynS

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    Quiet.. what we can also learn is that as admin we can tell a player with a lot of potential that it looks great but needs an interior and to be finished.. and then he can also come here and post my response to one condition of a build as the response to a finished build. I just visited it and it is done now.. not empty. I would not have turned down a lovely building as builder II. That's really all I can say.

    This was partly a case of a bit of misrepresentation of my decision. Sharq just helped me find it .. and it is really nice now.. and I went by several times and it was not even remotely close to that state. I went in several times to check on it.. and always empty shell. A lot of detail has been added both inside and out.

    It is also mostly stone brick and a bit small.. with a lot of pillars. What was added.. the pretty curves definitely spruces it up. The warp is /warp private Penelopemanor now. I just added a warp.

    It's always good to give an admin the benefit of the doubt I think. This post and the replies made me look pretty unreasonable. Of course, lol, that goes with the job I guess.
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  18. AnnodynS

    AnnodynS Guest

    Sparks where ever you go and I do hope you don't leave, just make another mod req .. especially after doing more work so we can re-evaulate. It's part of the process.
  19. damnsparks

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    So holy smokes this went in the wrong direction, I was never trying to attack Ann or be mad or try to be even passive aggressively negative towards her, I was just saying she's the one who told me what was up with my mod req, obvs I was posting without being 100% definitive.

    What prolly happened is my plotworld fancy box is the same as this fancy box, I had it copied over because the world was griefed and I lost ~10hours of work (not relevant) so Anne prolly saw my plot world version that was literally 100% empty, and I didn't realize what was happening. So I had all this stuff completed, and heard *needs more work* and I was like, "Time to pop smoke and get outta here."

    So I took my pics and posted farewell to the build cause it really is just a fancy box.
  20. AnnodynS

    AnnodynS Guest

    Well Sparks I actually never thought you were condemning me lol... just everyone's response was wow.. D: D: , as if I had really made a bad call and I felt that if they visited they would have understood why I didn't promote right away. In fact.. even now.. this is the upper part of the interior.. and that's all it was when I visited lol. A screen shot isn't the best way to judge a build.

    We are very picky for builder II.. normally. And a lot of complaint has been made for not having high enough standards.. so I was mostly being careful. Frankly I looked closer and I still would not promote to II as it is still somewhat empty.. and a bit small.. I'd add more detail or expand one or the other. (Ps. comparing it to the size and detail of other Builder II builds on the server.) That being said.. you have done a lovely job so far.

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