So long, old creative server.

Discussion in 'Server Builds' started by damnsparks, Aug 19, 2013.

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    I've never once decided on a builder II build by only looking at one angle of the exterior. I'm amazed you can all judge a build so well. ;)

    In all seriousness I'm not going to sit here and publicly critique the build, but there are pretty clear reasons why someone would be hesitant for a promotion. Speaking purely quantitative, Anno judged and incomplete build that (apart from the extension on one side) was the size of a plot build.

    Perhaps I'm the only hard ass left, but I don't think judging builds is as clear cut as this thread makes it seem. I'd also have to agree that not promoting and waiting for a second opinion is always wiser than wrongly promoting someone and skewing standards even more.

    This is still a very nice build, Sparks. I hope you aren't actually going anywhere. :)
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    Quiet and Max,

    I can't figure out how to tag.. it's been so long since I did it.. so I'll just ask you to read my explanation above. Thanks.
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    ^ This ^

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    all i can say is that we should respect annos decision as an admin. shes a part of this server for a very long time and one of the most liked admins on this server (at least i think she is xD) and even if this maybe should get promo (im not sure, it looks cool but like anno says: its small and interior is improvable) this is just a small story. so i dont get why theres such a big discussion here. if an admin says its not good enough other admins and builders should accept it or, if youre admin, just promote it cause you think its good enouhg, but you definetely shouldnt make such a big and public discussion out of this. anno is still a great admin no matter how she decided at this build.
    what i wanna say in short: if an admin doesnt think this is good enough: respect his decision
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    if that was a copy of a plot build no way should it earn builder II for the same work with a small building added to AND I do believe I am the hard ass in this conversation btw lol. If something didn't get approved by anno it had a damn good reason anno used to give cobble boxes builder I. OK OK I exaggerate but ya know
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    sooo just logged on and prismed the crap out of this place. I cant find any record on anything out side. Yeah you guessed its was pasted. Althoughi did find his name all over the interior and sad to say an unfinished floor. To me the unfinished top floor is why it got rejected. IF it was me and I knew the 90% + of the shell was pasted from plotworld, the entire build inside and out would only count as half your total score. Like I said im the hard ass here Anno took it easy on ya. Now stop whining and get to work
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    Lulz whining,
    just waiting on reset tough guy, but I thought the thing was worth a screenshot before it got wiped. Again, to be clear, I'm only mad (and I use the term loosely since I'm still havin a good time ) the box wasn't worthy, wasn't trying to be like *if I'm not builder2 I'ma take my ball and go home!* Which this sorta devolved into somehow. I tried to stymie that yesterday to no avail, breathe deep, its cool man.

    /thumbsup man, bigger and better, no more fancy boxes, ya

    and to be fair i re-read my post and it did come off *ima take my ball and go home* tone so i tried to change that too, I was legit just trying to show a few pics before wipe and restart
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