On a Minecraft Break due to Major Move

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    If you are wondering what happened to me.. well once the big move for Shadecrest creative was pretty much done.. I had to dive into packing and cleaning.. all with a broken foot in a boot. Very slow.. and time consuming.

    We are in the process of moving.. and since I love so many of you I had to at least let you know why I'm not hanging out at night visiting and helping. We had to move back to our country home (we have two homes) in stages over each weekend of September through the 21st.

    We have adult kids moving back too. One moves back Sept. 28th and one moves in December. Some how we have to squeeze new apt. furniture, and two kids apt. furniture in our house and office in the country. It's a lot of juggling.


    Soon we will have three college age kids hanging around at weird hours and they all love to ...
    • talk talk talk (to me :D )
    • and eat lots of food (which they very much hope I will cook)
    • and make tons of noise....
    • and leave their stuff everywhere lol
    • and play steam games
    • and watch movies like Bourne 1 2 3 4 etc.. however many he has.. all in my company of course. It's no fun if Mom doesn't watch so....
    I am going to be busy busy busy and am already of course. We're renting two moving vans in one month because of my daughter moving back.


    I will miss you all tons and hope you have a great time and that when I do get to visit you guys will have built some really epic builds to show me! I'm especially excited to see what the new apprentices and creators do <3. Builder II's just keep at it.. you are doing a great job!

    Elysium friends :'( I'll miss you too!! Survival is epic!

    Archenemy666 Your house is as done as I could get it and you have your refund for the part I couldn't finish.
    Pieman_Is_God If my unlandscaped house at /warp builder is too irritating lol .. just paste it elsewhere or delete it as I have the original in architect world. I was not happy with what progress I had made and am flat out of time to fix it now. Ps. it's bugging me so it might be bugging you. :D

    (office we are building on our land)
    I am also starting a sewing business and teaching lessons in my home to adults and kids this fall --the new sewing studio is in our former office and we are working on it now. Plus I'm now managing a major website for a large philanthropic group in Montgomery county. Just a ton of new stuff going on. Hopefully I can get back from time to time but we are entering another busy season of life with a house full of college kids.

    Love you Shadecrest <3


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    Come back to us soon!

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    Miss you anno! <3
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    You and my mom would be like, best friends... You both sew, you both like the country side, you both like to cook, you both like good healthy foods, you are both pretty close in age. <_<

    Anyway good luck with moving! We'll all miss you!
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    Who is the reply to can.... If you say it was to me then I'll hurt you.
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    Haha!! I love this. :D
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    I know what major moving is like,its busy busy...good luck in all of this n I miss u mommy anno:D

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    Take care of that foot and see ya soon
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  10. A360P

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    Enjoy the move ^_^
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    Thanks guys. :) I'll miss you all too. Cya.
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    good luck with the move ann! and good luck with the sewing business, i wish you a booming success! Godspeed!
    aaaand what kind of tree is that in the picture with the office, a dog wood? the white flowers are very pretty :3
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    Yes it's a dogwood. We have a lot around our property. :)
  14. cemeterry

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    Good luck Anno and have fun:)
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    you leave us D:
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    The move sounds a bit hectic, but seems like the end result will be worth it. Take care. :)
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    Always writing story's on the forum, I swear we could write a book with all you write
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    Good luck anno :)
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    Annodyns -- by Annodyns
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    Mage you've missed me!! If what I've written on the forums is a 'book' the books you read must be very short. lol For you guys everything is tl;dr :p

    Lol QuietSea .. can't help it.. I'm a blogger by trade. :D

    Aww Sorry Kat.. and you to SkittlesQueen <3
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