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    Yolotine is a registered trademark of the Yolotine corperation. Yolotine is not for resale.

    Yolotine: a straight lime Yolotine
    Yolotine Shot: an instant grape Yolotine
    Yolotine Energy Shot: an icy Yolotine boost
    More Yolotine coming soon!

    All Yolotine products are 250 rupies each, and are only sold by NMBr2d2 and Ralk75. A 1000 rupie reward will be given to those who turn in anybody atempting to sell a Yolotine lookalike, or resell Yolotine for a higher price.
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    I will buy everything in stock right now
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    ~Official Yolotine staff application~

    First name:

    Last name:

    Date of birth: September 24th, 1997

    Do you have the correct cradentials to work for Yolotine inc. ?

    Have you been convicted of or pleaded no contest to a felony within the last five years? If yes, please explain:
    Yes, public mooning, Selling presidential files on Ebay, grand theft auto, public disturbance, plagiarism, and performing an unlicensed Exorcism.

    Position Applied For: Marketing team and or tester for Yolotine's products.

    Hours available:
    Tuesday : 0
    Wednesday: 0
    Thursday: 0
    Friday: 6
    Saturday: 24
    Sunday: 22

    Name and Address Of School - Degree/Diploma - Graduation Date: S.D.A high school, degree in plumbing and toilet cleaning

    I certify that information contained in this application is true and complete. I understand that false information may be grounds for not hiring me or for immediate termination of employment at any point in the future if I am hired. I authorize the verification of any or all information listed above.

    Gabriel S______
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    Yolotine is making a comeback! I will be selling it for its original price for a short while, or until the shops in spawn are set up, at which time they will be sold at a large discount from the original price. We currently only have Yolotine in stock, with no other varieties available until it is sold in shop. I would like to remind the public that the fabrication and or resale of Yolotine is highly discouraged, and that this thread will be kept strictly to approved posts, don't post irrelevancy and expect it to stay.
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    Could you be so kind as to describe what yolotine is? I understand it is a drink, but what did it taste like? What does it do? Why should I buy it? Also I'm lactose intolerant, so does it contain any dairy?
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    Yolotine is a quick rush that brings you to the brink of death and back!