DeadlyD25 is deadly he killed 300Cows. Second Greif Today

Discussion in 'Grief Report' started by devilfish281, Oct 12, 2013.

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  1. devilfish281

    devilfish281 Member VIP

    What is your IGN?


    Coordinates of the location (use /getpos to display the coordinates X Y and Z)

    657, 73, 143

    Is this on PvP or Peaceful side of the map?

    Peaceful map

    What exactly got griefed? Please be specific

    300 cows were killed.

    About how many blocks were broken/replaced?[/b]

    300 cows were killed

    Who did the griefing?


    Did you talk to the player who did the griefing?


    What did they say?


    Do you think they should be banned for this?

    Yes. I am seeking permanent ban for DeadlyD25. The level of extermination is NOT that of someone trying to get some food they killed all of them. This is deliberate and I want the guilty party punished. This was to help stock my new store.

    Did you include screen shots? (You must)


    Do you need an admin to come and rollback the damage?

    Yes Please and Thank you very much.

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  2. Random0ne

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    Rolled back and banned. Locked.
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