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    I am back again, hoping to rehabilitate my poor building skills. Been a looooonnnnng time since I have made a group build, maybe 9-10 months? I really miss those days. Anyway, the server seems to be dyeing, slowly. I really want to help it rise up and make it the cheerful exiting server that it used to be. What better way to do that than start a town build! Basically planning on a Lord of the Rings Elven style town. Looking for 2 - 3 people to assist me on this task (if anyone volunteers, lol) . Maybe a build video at the end of it? I also want to take the "roles" idea that max had
    (view that thread here)


    Will post screen shots after I finish studying for my mid terms ;_;
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    i'm in >_>
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    Your building style seems GG for this build. Basically planning on making something close to this but with larger trees hovering over the buildings. Man made cannals (and natural streams) will be dividing the town making bridges a necessity. We also need some nice fence designs. I will get onto a SP world and mess around with that later tomorrow.

    take a shower!

    Here are some pictures of riven-dale:


    Similar style to this. Mind using WE / Voxel to make some terrain?
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    Check out some of Jamziboyminecraft's work he does a lot of Elven style in his channel.
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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Seems like fun, I'd like to help if I can.
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    Been subscribed to him for at least 8 months
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    I'm in, if I can make it. Jut message me please. Being a high school freshman isn't helping me try to become active on the server again.
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    Great to hear from you again!
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    Cano go to my creative /home use any of those buildings if you want. Not the hobbit houses though