Shade Crest 1.0 PvP Towns

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    I will talk about DF because there's nobody who can really other than space.
    Later though, school time!
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    I remember arcadia and boarderlands, and the massive fistrushing incident, remember that Jasperli :p
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    Ahh those were the days.
    Bit of interesting info:
    Founders of DragonForge:
    - Dasoren
    - Gordon4reeman
    - pyro
    - myself
    - Mastoblivion
    - hihihihhi

    - Dasoren did indeed have a 'secret stash' where he had an insane amount of items in a vault of obsidian 3X thick in every direction.
    In fact..we all did lol but his was undoubtedly worth the most.

    -We found a mob spawner before they were removed like ~300-400 blocks away and make a mob-spawning trap so we could just farm rupies. This is how we initially became so powerful and could pay for land, the best items at the time and upkeep.

    - To join DF the joining fee was 1 stack of Obsidian or 5 diamond blocks. This was to show your devotion to DF.

    - I don't know how it happened to this day, but gordon or dasoren found a mob spawning egg that we kept secret.

    Lots of tiny, undiscovered raids as well were done.

    I still remember the task of hollowing out the interior of DF with Das, pyro and gordon...those where the times, and building the front door fire trap.

    Bring back 1.0!
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    I do miss the ol' DF days.

    Sent from the Space Phone.
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    lol! Soz for the necro. But it needed it
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    give this guy a medal