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    Finally back to building after 7 months! Decided to kick it off this weekend and just build, no breaks, no rules. I was a little inspired from Creeper's Airship Fleet and decided to make one of my own. Most airships I have seen have been depicted or replicated from paintings or other Minecraft builds. I too up the challenge and made my first ever Airship from pure scratch, no reference to look at. I will be keeping this thread updated either daily or weekly depending on school.

    First ship (Express I): Completed. basically a style ship that I have never seen before. Started off as a Spanish Galleon shape then formed into god knows what. This ship is a fairly large sized; merchant ship. It has a small but secure cargo container. It is kept near the bottom of the boats hull to minimize it's top heaviness (since the original shape is fairly top heavy). The boat is powered on a single, but efficient steam engine which is why there is a steam stack shooting out mounds of steam. The ship has one large rear propeller and 2 smaller ones near the front. I decided to give it 4 dragon like wings so it is able to turn fast and rapidly. The pilot sits in an unusual place, right in the front of the hull (or the nose). This gives him very clear visibility. The ship also has 4 small balloons carried on it's side to ensure the best airflow and maximum speed (after all, it is called "The Express I). It also has a very small scout ship on the rear end of the hull, mostly used for get away from raiders and to deliver small shipments of cargo when the larger ship cannot be docked. This build can be seen at /warp Express I

    Links to the construction of the ship:
    Finished build (Express I)

    Second ship (Titan):
    WIP. Still a immense work in progress. Gotten a basic shape down. named it after my favorite GPU, the titan. This ship will be a very heavily armed war ship having 4-6 rail mounted guns for wide maneuverability. hoping to have this down by next Monday.
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