Auction house and ShadeToken machine maintenance

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    As the majority of you are wondering why we haven't been having auctions and shadetokens these past few event days, here is your answer. Due to the amount of legendary's that have been distributed throughout the community, I have decided to buff them a little bit, but at the same time make them more difficult to obtain through the shadetoken machine. With that, we have been creating a new machine to use. Prior to that, the auction house is undergoing some maintenance since it seems a bit plain now.

    When will the auction house/Shadetoken machine reopen?
    December 1st

    How much more difficult is it to obtain legendary's through the machine?
    1/27 chance

    Is Shadetoken 002 still active? And what the end time for 003?
    002 expires on December 7th, and 003 expires a week after that.
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    Eta on world change? I forums have been light on letting people know since the thread was deleted... Thanks Mr. Awasted you the best ;-)
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    The fact is that we simply don't know. Once a stable (recommended) bukkit build is released, and the essential plugins are updated, then we can go about transferring to a new world.
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    Figured that much.. Just trying to get some answer so when people are looking on the forums for said answer there is a little light for them thats all ;-)

    Is it possible for a updated thread from one of the mod admins with the info like Nifix had so people have a better idea of whats going on? Some people still don't even know we are planning a new world and the lack of information flow has a few people scratching there domes...