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  1. mrtreefingers

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    I really hope we are getting these plugins updated soon. I'm very prepared material wise (thanks for jasperli and a few others) to start fast construction of the town.

    Current Members:
    Design Lead: mrtreefingers
    Underground Design Lead: jasperli
    Veteran Builder: hywzerboydy
    PVP Captain: ndvenkus In charge of recruiting pvplayers and organizing raids/defense
    Raid Defense Captain: (TBD) In charge of checking security gaps, holes in walls, weak points in walls etc
    Town Shop Manager: (TBD) In charge of restocking shop & price adjustments
    Farm Foreman: (TBD) In charge of 'newbie' town shop and farm supplies and breeding of horses.

    Total Dedicated Member List:


    Recruiting: If you are interested in helping with this project send me a PM in game or message me here. You do NOT have to be good at pvp to play on the pvp side!!! With our numbers and town security you can count on being safe 99% of the time and your friends will always help you!

    Things I have (mostly) completed.

    Barn: 90% done Area for town w/40+ horses
    This area will also include reasonably sized wheat feild, pumpkin and melon patch, and carrots. These will help new players get going - they won't have to make their own farms in town. If they want a massive farm they will have to homestead outside of the existing walls.

    Spawn Area: 85% done

    Town Chest Shop: Completed

    Future Builds:

    New Player Introduction Area: The spawn will have a path to here, and here will be examples of good home builds and bad home builds. Also a small shop with cheap steak, iron armor, and iron tools.

    Uptown Arcadia: An area designed with golden walkways, diamond fountains, and quartz pillars. Area for the nicest homes.

    The Underground(Slums): I want to design an area that looks identical to the nether under the town.

    PVP Arena/Fight Club:

    Gold Farm/Wither Farm:

    Mob spawner/exp farm:

    Party Room/Event Area: Place to hold local town events

    Public Buildings: for smelting, storage (password chests), enchanting, and repairing.
    Rail System:

    Race Track:
    We will have a race track that has a starting area and a finish, it will loop and have obstacles and shortcuts.

    Cow Farm/Sheep Farm/Chicken Farm: All at least 1 chunk apart to reduce lag, close to barn.
    Planetarium (dedicated to hubble): I want to build a nice planetarium with a big telescope:)

    Archery Course: A course designed with targets that can be used for fun, practice, or competition! Ive been toying with putting leads on friendly mobs like cows and hanging them from fences suspended in the air, they make great targets to shoot at!

    Exterior/Interior Wall system:

    Designated plots for new homes:

    I love putting well built, cool artsy monuments/structures around town that are preferably functional in some way.

    Defend the Fortress: I wanted to do a defend the fortress event where I design a defendable, but penetrable fortress and we could do 3v3 or 5v5 pvp events. One team will have to defend the fortress and kill all enemies invading. The goal is to reach a placed chest inside the fortress to retrieve the prize. If the defenders have a successful defense then they recieve the prize inside the chest. Thats one round. Prizes get larger and its best of 5 for one match.

    +much more! Ideas welcome!
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    You should maybe make a horse track for people to race horses.
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  3. Manglor

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    so want to get back into the game, I hate not being able to play multiplayer
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  4. Magetime

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    I would be willing to fill the PVP captain spot :p just ask jasp
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  5. ndvenckus1

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    I'd also be interested in PvP captain if I find time.
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    Lol if I wasn't already sorta in North's pvp town I'd consider joining without having a house there lol

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    I remember the fight against you and Alan ndv :p Offtopic but is the pvp tournament done?
  8. oiShocKWavesv

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    I'm definitely interested in this :D I'll be interested how this will have progressed when I come back!
  9. hywzerboydy

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    I have made a simple plan for the areas of the town, this is just a rough plan. My idea was to have a town center kind of with all the shops, spawn, public buildings etc. The public building will be in the town spawn area, along with some other things that will be decided later. The TBD section will contain the pvp arena, the party building etc.

    Lemme know what you think and what should be changed.

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  10. bobbylou4

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    what will be in said uptown?
  11. hywzerboydy

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  12. hywzerboydy

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    I have built some simple designs for the paths and fountains, again these are just rough drafts and I realize that they are quite bland.

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  13. PieSquared761

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    Farms should probably be a little bigger, but that design seems efficient. Then again, I have no idea what I'm talking about![​IMG]
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  14. hywzerboydy

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    These aren't the final sizes, just rough ones in proportion to the other areas, I want to get the areas right first, then I'll make plans for each area. I want to get them finished before the copy to the new maps, so things can be copied at the right places
  15. hywzerboydy

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    mrtree, any comments on these?
  16. oiShocKWavesv

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    Meeeehhh you make me want to come onnnn
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    Rejoin us shock!
  18. mrtreefingers

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    hywzer this should give you a good idea of what I have in mind.

    Take into consideration that this is a ROUGH example of how im going to lay it out and its subject to change because of the biome/area that we pick for the town.

  19. mrtreefingers

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    And the sizes of the buildings above are not to scale at all.... the town chest room is not bigger than spawn.
  20. mrtreefingers

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    I have started Barn, Slums/Underground, Spawn, Chest Room.

    Nothing else is underway.