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  1. sharqman

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    The new 1.7 worlds are now open!
    During the transition period there will be no looting allowed.
    You can complete the form for build requests here
    Please spread the word in game to get your build moved!

    The warps to the new worlds will /warp PvE for peaceful and /warp pvp for pvp.

    You can get to the wold worlds using /warp oldpvp and /warp oldpeaceful

    The dynamic map has been mostly rendered for the worlds as well.

    Thanks to cerburus for making the spawns, we wanted to keep them open this time so they are easy to run out and start exploring. Remember to not build too close to spawn! We won't be moving anything within 100 blocks of it. And thanks to ezeiger92 for finding us some nice seeds.

    EDIT: Final note, mining, nether, and end will be reset in one week.
    Keep your legendaries, enchanted books and player heads in your inventory before we move your chest, they will not move over correctly
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  2. sharqman

    sharqman Well-Known Member VIP

    Update: it looks like world edit is properly moving enchanted items, but the names are not kept
  3. SkittlesQueen

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    Yay!!! Make way for the skittles is going super duper far from spawn where she can be happy and alone with her village....I'll be on later:D

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  4. treyman77

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  5. Ralk75

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    Since you can only have one /home at a time and will need to set your new /home. How will you be able to transfer gear when u will have trouble moving items?
  6. sharqman

    sharqman Well-Known Member VIP

    You can get a warp to your old base, just mention it in the end comments. You can also use your ender chest and as long as your items aren't named they can be left in the chest.
  7. Flamestar00

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    Woot! Thanks staff!
    Falls over and dies....
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  8. Ralk75

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    It says one of the coords format is wrong while the other is right....
    they have the same exact format but different numbers
  9. sharqman

    sharqman Well-Known Member VIP

    pm me your coords it should be x,y,z no spaces, just like that
  10. StephenP67

    StephenP67 Well-Known Member VIP

    What happens with animals, named animals, villagers? Do we need to post our chest lock count for refund or can you check that?
  11. Random0ne

    Random0ne Well-Known Member

    For both animals and villagers, you will be given spawn eggs for each. If the animal/villager is named, we will also include a few bottles of enchanting for the 5 levels necessary to name the spawn egg in an anvil.
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  12. sharqman

    sharqman Well-Known Member VIP

    Once you post your form I will refund you for all locks in peaceful and PvP. If you're not making a form pm me.
    Also forgot to mention that mining will be reset in one week.
    EDIT: I also took of the data validation for the form. Format it right or I will kill you.
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  13. RoDawg21

    RoDawg21 Member

    How do I go about requesting a warp from my old to new homes

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  14. Snarferman

    Snarferman Member

    Will the old world still be there until after Christmas?
  15. mrtreefingers

    mrtreefingers Active Member VIP

    I'm the owner of Sisu (jasperli's town) now and im interested in renaming it New Arcadia and transferring it. Since nothing from the town formally known as Sisu is being copied over how can I go about getting the new land claimed? Thanks:)
  16. sharqman

    sharqman Well-Known Member VIP

    close the town I'll give you 50k to remake it
  17. CanOpenerTrooper

    CanOpenerTrooper Well-Known Member VIP

    Can I get the 16k I have spent on locked chests plus the 25k for the warp I made (41k in total)? I'm not requesting any buildings to be moved. Just taking my diamonds and iron.
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  18. epic_poke8

    epic_poke8 Active Member VIP

    Shoot, I for
    Shoot, I forgot to talk about my named animals in the app... I think my home was already moved. Well, a little xp grinding never hurt.
  19. QuietSea

    QuietSea Well-Known Member VIP

    . . . . can you give us some sort of deadline please for when the old worlds will be removed?
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  20. ndvenckus1

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    Will the nether be resetting as well?
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