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    IGN: hockeyblocker
    Why I want to become Architect:
    Well you see, I have been on Shade for a nice amount of time, and was a II for a while. I built up my rep for a short amount of time, but then when i took a short absence, I came back on to discover all my builds had been deleted. I was saving up to apply, but never was given the chance. After a 6 month break from MC, I came back to Shade first and when I learned of the new app and arch system, I was a little fed up. Seeing how I worked somewhat hard to almost apply for the rank now I was 2 away from instead of 1. But this isn't a rant, no, this is just an attempt to apply for a rank I was nearly qualified for before the deletion. I haven't been building a lot on shade anymore, but I wish I was. Instead I've been doing build team builds with mystics and pwncraft. But I want to come back. So I could reconnect with old friends from the server like trukk, meet people who taught me stuff in the very beginning like 360, etc... Its all around a nice community that I want to get to be back apart of. So.. i hope you understand all of this and get why I have no material builds within the server currently.
    How long I have been on the server(/seen):
    November 24, 2012
    Warps, Pictures, or Coordinates below: - Gothic style small city - Simple medieval start up - More medieval/gothic stuff - Spawn we are making for undisclosed server
    So basically, In the end I really hope you guys may see from my point of view. It would mean a lot for me to come back on here as I have been for the last few weeks and start working again. Thanks. If you need anything extra or want to know something you are confused about don't stray from messaging me. - Hockeyblocker (Jack)
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    Ok, It's been awhile since I have reviewed an app, also there is a new rank between BII and Arch, I don't know if it is possible to skip that rank. If it is, then one must have built something arch worthy... I would like to visit each build personally. If you would so kindly provide the warps for the builds on this server... if they still exist... cause I don't know how old these are, or if they were saved.
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    At the moment, pree much what CW said. It's very hard to judge a build via screenshots, as there's a lot of criteria that is used for builds and such. So a build ingame would be much appreciated.
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    You clearly can build decently, but with nothing on the server we honestly cannot promote you. Architect isn't just a rank pertaining to build skill, it is also necessary to be an active member who commits to the server. You need to prove to us not just that you have skill, but that you are committed too by building something on the server. From the images you provided it seems clear that you could attain the apprentice rank IF you built something on the server. As for architect, you'll have to build something slightly more fancy I'm afraid, and maybe attaining apprentice would make that easier on you with the WE access.

    TL;DR - Build something on the server, then we'll talk. You have the skill, not the commitment.
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    Alright thanks. Ill get more active and try and make something worthy of the title. Help out etc.. Responding to CW I had 3 and they were all deleted long ago.
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    Based on the screenshots, they do look quite good :) Definitely worthy of Apprentice imo. Just get building ^_^

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    with your talent getting apprentice shouldn't take that long. And I agree with others on spending more time on the server.
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    I'm pretty sure I remember one of these. Can't wait to see what else you build. :)