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  1. bobbylou4

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    So I found this really cool dialect test that asks you questions about words you say or how u pronounce them and uses that info to tell where you are from. here is the link: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2013/12/20/sunday-review/dialect-quiz-map.html

    after you are done say where u are from,then tell what it said was most likely where u live and and least likely. I will start

    I Live in the outer banks and for most it said Virginia Beach, Raleigh, and Honolulu
    Least: Seattle,Salt Lake City, and Spokane

    i'm interested to see how accurate this proves to be... one of them was in the same state as me (Raleigh, NC)
    and Virginia Beach is about a hour and a half away... so it was kinda close.

    P.S. only works for U.S.!
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  2. Padaun

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    I was mostly similar to Lexington, KY, Louisville, KY, and Springfield, MO

    I was least from Minneapolis, [Insert Minnesota's abbreviation here], the other Springfield in the NW, and Providence (Rhode Island or something)
  3. Mae

    Mae Member

    Most similar to Yonkers NY, New York NY, and Newark/Paterson NJ.

    Least similar to San Antonio TX, Pittsburgh PA, and Worcester MA
  4. CanOpenerTrooper

    CanOpenerTrooper Well-Known Member VIP

    This is actually really funny.
    I had to call my whole family from upstairs to try this. It thinks I am from Bakersfield (CA), Modesto (CA) and San Diego (CA), all which are very close to each other (and within 100 miles of where I live.... Go figure). My least similar was New Orleans, New York, and Detroit.

    My dad has a very mixed accent, being born in South Africa, living in London, Georgia, South Carolina, and San Diego. It thought he was either from New York, Fresno, or some random place in Alabama... This whole test seems extremely accurate apart from my dad... I think it was the British accent that threw it off.

    My mom was born and raised in the middle of Upstate New York... Of course it put her in the 3 closest cities to where she lived.

    Thanks for sharing this Bobby!
  5. epic_poke8

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    Overland Park, Philadelphia, and Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach is a half hour away, so pretty accurate.
  6. Slebert

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    I also got buffalo and live In the same city as Nifix so I would say this quiz works pretty good

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  7. TheTechGeek245

    TheTechGeek245 Well-Known Member VIP

    wow really close 45 min drive from me because of traffic but i got most similar plano irving and garland all are north texas this thing is accurate but the least similar didnt make sense my mom is from oregon and dad from Tennessee and here are my least similar Jersey City NJ Providence and springfield
  8. NMBr2d2

    NMBr2d2 Well-Known Member VIP

    Philly, Boston, or Jersey, all of which I can do excellent accents for :)
  9. ndvenckus1

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    Most similar to Madison, WI along with Rockford and Aurora, IL most distinctively because I say "cot" and "caught" differently xD These places are a 3.5 - 4 hour drive from me down in Indiana, so not too bad.

    Least similar to 1) Pittsburgh, PA because I don't have a word for then night before Halloween, 2) New Orleans, LA because I call cold sandwiches subs, and 3) Birmingham, AL because I pronounce the first syllable in "lawyer" to rhyme with "boy." Pretty interesting stuff :p
  10. Flamestar00

    Flamestar00 Active Member VIP

    I got half way through this before realising it was American. I also stopped because I was getting nowhere with getting any similar to me.....
  11. bobbylou4

    bobbylou4 Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    i told you flame D=
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  12. Random0ne

    Random0ne Well-Known Member

    For most similar I got: Washington DC, Baltimore MD, and Arlington VA. All three are within 1 hour from my house. That thing is scary accurate. As for least similar, it was Baton Rouge & New Orleans LA, and Minneapolis MN.
  13. Navarog

    Navarog Well-Known Member

    I got the same as Random G_G I've lived in Orlando, Fl. the longest though.
  14. Flamestar00

    Flamestar00 Active Member VIP

    Well I have learnt something from this. Americans have their own language which is only vaguely connected to English.
  15. Rem

    Rem Active Member VIP

    i got oceanside, california
    corona, california
    reno, nevada
    i was born near oceanside D:
    i was least similar to new orleans
    jackson, mississippi
  16. smallfryz

    smallfryz Member

    Im from Kansas City, Kansas and my results are..

    Most Similar places:

    Springfield, MO, Wichita, KS, and Oklahoma City, OK

    Least Similar Places:

    Boston, Jersey City, Providence

    This was a fun test pretty accurate
  17. Rem

    Rem Active Member VIP

    I did it again and i got
    Corona, California
    Chandler/Gilbert, Arizona
    Mesa/Tempe, Arizona
    I live in one of these cities -_-
  18. RoDawg21

    RoDawg21 Member

    Kansas area is what it said but from Cincinnati,oh

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  19. Dynodamon

    Dynodamon Well-Known Member

    Live in Louisville, KY.
    It guessed Louisville, Lexington, KY (go big blue!), and somewhere in southern Cal. That thing is pretty spot on.

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  20. kizzyfazzle

    kizzyfazzle Active Member VIP

    Eerrrr well I tried it even though I live in Australia...

    I got 3 different places...
    Minneapolis/ Saint Paul, Pembroke Pines and Fort Lauderdale

    My least likely places were around Pittsburg (mainly bottom left corner of Pennsylvania)