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Discussion in 'Requests and Reports' started by Jeffie0, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Jeffie0

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    Hello, if you hadn't known I have lost access to my account Jeffie0 and have been playing on triamigos. I have already gotten my money I had on Jeffie0 given to me but I still need my VIP V, Chest Access, and ability to use my /warp JL.

    Oh also if possible if I could get my McMMO stats transferred too.

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  2. PieSquared761

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    How did you lose your password, AND the e-mail associated to the Mojang account... -.-

    At least you can play again :D
  3. Jeffie0

    Jeffie0 Member VIP

    Yahoo like locked my account and won't let me get it back
  4. QuietSea

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    Your first problem is you're using yahoo
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  5. Jeffie0

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    but when can I get my VIP all I have for storage is a ender chest because I'm scared someone will steal my loots and I am not paying no 1000 for chest locks nuh uh girl