Feed the Beast: Monster 1.1.1

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  1. Dynodamon

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    Hey folks! Feed the Beast is now on Monster pack 1.1.1 after being on 1.1.0 for the past few weeks. Getting on the server is now much easier than before.


    1. Download the FTB client from http://feed-the-beast.com/. The .exe version is the easiest form to get started with.

    2. Once you have your client downloaded go ahead and open it up. On the left hand side there should be a list of mod packs you can download and play. You'll want to select the Monster mod pack from the list. After selecting that, you'll see a drop down menu of the different Monster mod pack versions. You will want to select version 1.1.1. Once you've done this, go ahead and launch!


    3. The IP to the FTB server is ultimate.shadecrest.com. If you try and connect to it now, you might see that you are missing some mods. Don't worry, it is super simple to fix this. Close out of your launcher and re-open it.

    4. After re-opening the launcher, go ahead and click on the Edit Mod Pack button near the top of the launcher. The Monster pack gives you a choice of three different mini-maps: Journey, Zen's, or Rei's. You will want to enable one of those and leave the other two disabled. You'll also want to make sure that all mods are enabled except MeteorCraft and DynamicTanks. After you're done moving stuff around, your screen should look something like this.


    5. Hit the launch button and you should be good to go! If you have any questions, feel free to ask here.
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  2. bobbylou4

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    I love you
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  3. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    Downloading now.

    Wonder if I should try and get the old team back together again.
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  4. StephenP67

    StephenP67 Well-Known Member VIP

    Tried this on my old iMac. It wasn't happy lol. Took about 10 minutes just to load and then it was really struggling. Might be time to upgrade :).
  5. AnnodynS

    AnnodynS Guest

    Hello.. Ummm of course!!! <3
  6. treyman77

    treyman77 Active Member

    Yeah, I need to get back into FTB.
  7. Rem

    Rem Active Member VIP

    i can't downlaod assets?
  8. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    You can't what who?
  9. epic_poke8

    epic_poke8 Active Member VIP

    Hm... I am never good with that advanced engineering stuff. When I have to go through more than 10 recipes for one block that does something so utterly simple, that's when my brain starts hurting.
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  10. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    It's not too bad after a while.

    There's a mod for looking up recipes (NEI), and eventually you get bored and so just make a factory that pumps out a million circuits a minute.

    and then still get shown up by other players setups.
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  11. Flamestar00

    Flamestar00 Active Member VIP

    Damn it set it up and it glitches so much it's useless.
  12. kizzyfazzle

    kizzyfazzle Active Member VIP

    Yep just need to learn how to use FTB
  13. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    Taking the time to remind people of two things:

    1. FTB is a modpack. This means that you're running several dozen mods at once. This is why you're lagging like heck.
    2. You can actually allocate more RAM to the program. I can't quite remember how, but it does help considerably.
  14. Slebert

    Slebert Active Member VIP

    In the setting somewhere, and if by dozens you mean around 180 then yes

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  15. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    Several several dozen then*
  16. treyman77

    treyman77 Active Member

    Im trying to join the server but "Cant resolve hostname" keeps popping up. Idk what im doing wrong.

    THEdeadRETURNED Active Member VIP

    time to play some FTB :)
  18. SkittlesQueen

    SkittlesQueen Active Member VIP

    My ftb keeps crashing after I hit launch...dunno why

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  19. sioutdoors

    sioutdoors Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    Isn't monster still in beta? I would suspect the lag will vet better if it is in beta. Even if its not its was always a very resource intensive mod pack. Biomes o plenty,myst craft and twilight will most likely drain most resources.
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  20. Dynodamon

    Dynodamon Well-Known Member

    We'll be updating our pack to 1.1.0 this evening. This is considered an out-of-beta version. Worlds we have will stay intact. I'll update this thread when everything completes.