Since my appeal was locked so quickly

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    Now I gotta make points. First all cano's bugs were his fault. Should've setup his mods correctly. He could easily fix it on his server all in all we caused pretty much no damage compared to someone else. You should make the bans longer they did it on SHADECREST <---- YOUR SERVER NOT SOMEONE ELSES THEY ABUSED A BUG. Oh now you care about anger how convenient. I was very sincere in my appeal and cooperative it was staff being very uncooperative with trying to ban on my "maturity."
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    Y'know, the best way to avoid a 'wat thread' is to not crap-post in it immediately.

    Okay, North, calm down. I get that you are pissed off, but this really doesn't help at all.

    The bug abuse on cano's server didn't cause much damage on cano's server either.
    • The 'rubik's cube' was an fps dropper, removable with 1 standard issue admin wood axe
    • The redstone lag machine did not cause any noticeable lag, and fixable with ^
    • Spawner and mob madness? /butcher or something equivalent
    • Shop transaction spam? Barring coder incompetence, this will not noticeably affect any server
    • Abusing shops for infinite money? The money was removed or put in spawners, which can already be dealt with

    The only real damage was caused by my carpet world edit. Story in spoiler.
    I think if the server didn't go down as hard as it did, the bans would not have been nearly as extensive, and the only player contributing to that crash was me.

    There was nothing wrong with North's ban appeal, he didn't see any rules from Shade Crest that he broke. This was the first time actions on another server were reacted to so dramatically.
    He only became less cooperative once people not associated with the ban started responding, and when posts started getting deleted.

    Also, from his ban appeal:
    These events are not related. The time difference between these two incidents is about 2.5 years, correct? And although on their face they sound similar, they are very different.

    In terms of ease of damage done, the mob arena abuse is nearly identical to all of the offenses on cano's server, of course barring the world-edit.
    However, the responses given to the ban appeals and the ban lengths differed immensely, and I don't believe this was entirely fair.

    "Yay, Erik made another stupid long post! What is the point this time?"
    • Although there is less than a week left on these bans, I would like their lengths to be reconsidered, excluding the damage done by myself.
    • I would like a standard to be made for breaking rules on servers not affiliated with Shade Crest.
    • Could we not insult players for no reason in ban appeals (ie. calling players toxic)

    Maybe in the future we can avoid this kind of death spiral.
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    Hey guys...
    So, all this stuff seems rather silly-

    With the exception of moderators/admins/ or contributers, no other players should be held accountable on one server for their actions on another. If a player attacks, abuses, or harms the "main server" (i.e. Shadecrest), then ban them, and quickly! Once a player leaves the "main server", their ties or previous relationships to the server are severed indefinitely. For example: I don't visit, play on, (or troll/attack) other big servers under the "Shadecrest" banner... I do so under the flag of my own "IGN". (I'm not saying I do that, but just for examples... :p ) If I screw things up intentionally or otherwise (on someone else's server), it is of little or no consequence to Shadecrest. Therefore, Shadecrest should bear little or no consequence upon my playing experience on their server, regardless of my actions elsewhere.

    Having said all that: Don't go to other people's servers and do stupid things just because you can!

    *On a side note: Canopenertrooper has been a particularly provocative player ever since his arrival on the server. That's not meant to diminish the immature actions of other veteran players, but simply to acknowledge that this type of tomfoolery seems to gravitate in Cano's direction quite a bit more often than is usually seen with other "normal" players...

    *On a more silly note: To the guys that got banned for manipulating Cano's fledgling server... y'all should have pitched yourselves as "beta-testers", exposing plug-in and server architecture flaws in an effort to improve Cano's new venture! :D

    That's all from me for today :p

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    I'm not going to comment on anyone's ban and reasons.

    I'm proposing a system to cover ourselves (Players and Staff) from circumstances like this again.

    To simply put it, if a player goes out, then they are unaffiliated with ShadeCrest, like has happened.

    If they screw around and the server owner/staff from that server come to us to tell us that the players are messing stuff up, then they are punished according to our existing rules.

    So, in other words, if we are contacted directly regarding an incident, then we deal out punishment. If we are not contacted, then it slides and we are not allowed to act.

    Sound good?
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    So your saying if I was to X-ray on the server when I know that no staff are in because they are all sleeping, if no one ever finds out it's completely fine?
  6. Legend9468

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    a server* Not ours.

    One of the main issues with this was that people are saying that we shouldn't ban for what happened on another server. So if we do what I suggested, then, while a wibbly-wobbly move, would still be technically ok. If we then got asked to control our players by the people, then you would be banned/something for a set amount of time, depending on what you did.
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    The thing is of me being under the flag of shadecrest, shadecrest is one of many servers i play on. So me screwing around a canos server mean that i should be banned from mineswine, shotbow, the hive, korky's server, and even my own server that me and slebert run?

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    A reminder that this is a ban appeal, not a suggestion thread, only post if you have something relevant to add. Save suggestions/discussion about behaviour off of Shade Crest for another thread.
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    Does this still count as a ban appeal? It's a half expansion on an appeal sitting in a slightly different part of the forums...
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    *Shadecrest is not responsible for me. ^_^

    *That's overstating it a bit, but basically yes. ^_^

    *We don't want to become a harbor for malicious players, but we can't (as a server) take responsibility/dole out punishment for the actions of players on other servers, regardless of their previous affiliations. ^_^
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    what trukk said a thousand times rly.

    When going on a site/server as a induvidial you represent your self and your own nick and thats it.

    Another thing if you spam/talk about shadecrest as a server while doing it or try too represent the server.
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  12. trukklob

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    I feel that Shadecrest's server standards should not, and cannot extend beyond the reaches of the server itself. The standards set by the server staff (*or possibly the owner... coughmaxcough) were made to govern the content and character of server players. These standards were not created to govern the content and character of the entire internet.

    ***One major distinction: With the exception of server staff or major donors.***

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    This part. No. There should NEVER be a point at which you are untouchable, unless you own the server. This includes sharqman and fixterjake11. Saying that staff and donors don't have to follow the rules is like giving them creative mode on survival, we already KNOW that doesn't work out. That's like saying that in a Utopian society that nobody can kill for their own pleasure, except for those who pay large sums and and those who enforce other rules.
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    I believe you entirely misunderstood what he meant. He said that staff and high level donors will be held to a higher standard than the average player, and will be reprimanded for misbehavior on other servers. Not sure how you got "staff and donors are above the rules" out of that, but whatever.
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    Well, he was talking about the staff and owners setting the standard of how people should be (Which they don't), and then said that staff and major donors should be an exception of the previous statement.
  16. Random0ne

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    I can see where you could get the wrong message there, but the idea is that the servers rules do not extend beyond it. With the exception of staff and high level donors, we cannot apply those rules to actions taken elsewhere. Just re-read the post, hopefully it'll be a bit clearer now.
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    I got that, but I'm worried that people might take it the way you THOUGHT I took it. If staff sets the "Standard" then I'm allowed to tell new users to go to lemonparty to get OP.
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    If I read this all correctly so far nobody thinks that you should be banned for what you do on another server. Why is this an argument, unless somebody would like to state their case.

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    Someone should make a poll for the new world leader: Sharqman vs. North_Korean
  20. NMBr2d2

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    Idk, north is learning about making nukes so I'd have to vote sharq.