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Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by oiShocKWavesv, Mar 8, 2014.

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    So I was mining and minding my own business running through a tunnel when my character glitches in to a wall and I die instantaneously. I go back to the location only to find everything has despawned.
    I only wanted the ores that I spent 6+ hours collecting, I don't care about the armour or tools as I can replace them in a matter of minutes. I just wanted the ores back.
    But when I ask I am told that this has happened on many occasions and the answer has always been no. But why?
    If I were killed by a hacker in pvp and they took all my hard earned things then the hacker would be banned and I would get my stuff back, so my question is, how is this that different? I know of course there wasn't a hacker or anything but the curcumstances are still the same, I was killed unfairly and I would like my stuff that it took me six hours to get.

    While I'm on the subject of mining, all the people I have spoken to have said that they want double drops back, no on I've asked seems to want them gone and without it you may aswell not have a mining skill.

    Basically, I don't understand why I'm not allowed my hard earned resources back.
  2. North_Korean

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    The drop off is super breaker for it if I remember correctly. If I did play though super breaker i'd prefer :p
  3. Padaun

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    Though I can't assist with the random death (Something similar happened to me with no retribution, however), I would just like to ask about this little bit...
    Why is the mining skill pointless without it? It is literally just getting more stuff for the same amount of work, sure, it's nice, but I see nothing but greed here, in that you get much more stuff for no work added.
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    Instantaneous combustion is a new feature, take it up with dinnerbone, jeb, or md_5
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  5. oiShocKWavesv

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    I rarely ever use superbraker, so mining level is sorta more bragging rights than purpose for me.
  6. Padaun

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    Then why do you so wish for the ores if you only care about the level?
  7. oiShocKWavesv

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    I meant right now, the only difference between mining levels is the superbraker length, since I don't use that the level doesn't matter to me. So it's purely for bragging rights other than it's purpose, which is longer superbraker.
  8. ezeiger92

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    The only serious response to getting stuff back was Padaun saying he can't help. Any reason for this, and/or can any other staff help? If Shock can't get refunded, he should at least know why.
    Is it that prism continues to not recording items dropped by dead players, or something to that effect?
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    I reimbursed shock this morning when I saw his complaint in the shout box. For something like this, where you die in an instant with no warning, you definitely deserve your items back, especially after mining for so long. I know I've been refunded in the past for similar occurrences.
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    Thanks ndv! I did not know this was already resolved, and was trying to get it back on topic.