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    Introducing the ShadeCrest Bazaar. Currently featuring MyEternalPassion's Potionshop Express, Mega_Spud's Trading Post, Epic_Poke8's Skeletal Armory and Vardogr's Building Supplies.

    Enquiries are welcome if you are interested in setting up a stall at Bazaar and can supply items not currently on offer. Shop stalls come pre-fitted with 45 chests and item frames and are rent and tax free. Inactive tenants will be encouraged to close shop in the interests of maintaining a vibrant and reliable shopping environment.

    Bazaar is located in the town of Shortunga but you don't need to join the town in order to set up shop. I will give you the necessary permissions needed to maintain your stall.

    Just outside Bazaar you will find a competition labyrinth where you can try to beat the maze in record time or just explore at your own pace. Be warned though that mobs are enabled. There is also a zombie spawner housed in a neighbouring pyramid where you can build up some XP.

    So come on down to /warp Bazaar :)


    Mega_Spud's Trading Post

    Beacon 18000r/ ea
    Zombie Skull 120r/ ea
    Skeleton Skull 500r/ ea
    Creeper Skull 1150r/ ea
    Blaze Skull 2250r/ ea
    Enderman Skull 1750r/ ea
    Magma Cream 60r/ ea
    Spider Web 25r/ ea
    Blaze Rod 180r/ ea
    Nether Brick 32r/ 64
    Slime Ball 15r/ ea
    Packed Ice 80r/ 4
    Mossy Cobblestone 16r/ 16
    Nether Fence 40r/ 4
    Ender Pearls 95r/ 16
    Podzol 80r/ 4
    Glowstone 50r/ 6
    Chiselled Sandstone 60r/ 4
    Cracked Brick 32r/ 16
    Potion of Healing II 40r/ ea
    Splash Potion of Harming II 40r/ ea
    Name Tags 500r/ ea
    Mossy Brick 32r/ 16
    Enchanting Table 300r/ ea
    Obsidian 200r/ 32
    Fire 500r/ ea
    Fermented Spider's Eye 100r/ 2
    Eye of Ender 80r/ ea
    Enderman Spawn Egg 2000r/ ea
    Blaze Spawn Egg 2000r/ ea
    Ghast Tear 260r/ ea
    Jungle Logs 80r/ 16
    Saddle 360r/ ea
    Iron Horse Barding 800r/ ea
    Gold Horse Barding 3000r/ ea
    Black Ink Sack 28r/ ea
    Wheat 15r/ 5
    Hay Block 20r/ ea
    Melon 5r/ 16
    Dog Food (Zombie Flesh) Free

    MyEternalPassion's Potionshop Express

    Splash Potion of Weakness (Extended) 20r/ ea
    Water Breathing (Extended) 30r/ ea
    Splash Potion of Harming II 45r/ ea
    Splash Potion of Poison II 20r/ ea
    Splash Potion of Health II 45r/ ea
    Potion of Health II 35r/ ea
    Splash Potion of Strength II 45r/ ea
    Potion of Strength II 35r/ ea
    Splash Potion of Speed II 25r/ ea
    Potion of Speed II 20r/ ea
    Potion of Fire Resistance (Extended) 50r/ ea
    Potion of Invisibility (Extended) 50r/ ea

    Epic_poke8's Skeletal Armory

    Stone Sword 1r/ ea
    Bone Meal 0.5r/ 3
    Skeleton Skull 1250r/ ea
    Arrows 8r/ 16
    Bone 5r/ 10
    Iron Helmet 51r/ ea
    Iron Leggings 73r/ ea
    Iron Sword 21r/ ea
    Bow 7r/ ea
    Mossy Cobblestone 9r/ 8
    Iron Chestplate 85r/ ea
    Iron Boots 42r/ ea
    Exp Bottle 20r/ ea
    God Apple 3850r/ ea

    Vardogr's Building Supplies

    White Wool 10r/ 8
    Coloured Wool 12r/ 8
    Glass Block 10r/ 8
    Stained Glass Block 12r/ 8
    Hardened Clay 10r/ 8
    Stained Clay 12r/ 8
    Smooth Stone 10r/ 64
    Stone Brick 10r/ 64
    Cracked Brick 32r/ 8
    Mossy Brick 32r/ 8
    Cobblestone 5r/ 64
    Mossy Cobblestone 80r/ 64
    Dark Oak Logs 120r/ 64
    Spruce Logs 60r/ 64
    Jungle Wood Logs 60r/ 64
    Oak Logs 90r/ 64
    Birch Logs 120r/ 64
    Acacia Logs 120r/ 64
    Nether Brick 80r/ 64
    Netherrack 10r/ 64
    Sandstone 10r/ 64
    Smooth Sandstone 10r/ 64
    Chiselled Sandstone 10r/ 64
    Clay Brick 48r/ 8
    Coal 5r/ 8
    Quartz Block 60r/ 8
    Obsidian 48r/ 8
    Redstone Block 12r/ 8
    Soul Sand 8r/ 8
    Nether Wart 8r/ 8
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    That is a fantastic build Stephen, the domes look awesome from inside.

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    ShadeCrest Bazaar welcomes epic_poke8 who has set up shop selling skeleton drops and armour.

    While you're there Mega_Spud has added more specialist stock at his Trading Post, check out MyEternalPassion's Potionshop Express and I have added more stock under Vardogr's building supplies.
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  4. Magetime

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    Stephen how much would it cost for me to set a shop up there?
  5. StephenP67

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    Free to set up then basically pay a share of store profit towards rent. My main concerns are basically that stall holders are established and active ShadeCrest members with a commitment to maintain reliable stock levels and to aim for variety rather than stocking something already on sale in another stall.
  6. Random0ne

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    yoink! Just bought the infinity bow :)
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  7. Mega_Spud

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    I've added a few more items to my trading post at /warp bazaar.

    Come and peruse through the slightly rarer items like mob spawn eggs, and maybe pick up some decorative building blocks!
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  8. StephenP67

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    Updated your price list in the first post.
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  9. epic_poke8

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    Please note to all those reading my shop prices and are aghast at my golden apple price, those are GOD apples, made with blocks.
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  10. StephenP67

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  11. Hez

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    Looks good I'll check it out soon :)
  12. StephenP67

    StephenP67 Well-Known Member VIP

    Got a bow for sale at /warp Bazaar.

    1x Unbreaking III, Flame I, Punch II and Power IV for 2500r.

    Mega_Spud has also added some more skulls.
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  13. Hez

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    Wow the build sooooo amazing everyone should check it out!
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  14. MyEternalPassion

    MyEternalPassion New Member

    Go potionshop express
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  15. epic_poke8

    epic_poke8 Active Member VIP

    Or the skeletal armory if you need cheap gear pronto
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  16. StephenP67

    StephenP67 Well-Known Member VIP

    Thanks Hez. Many late nights and a lot of rupies in materials :).
  17. TheTechGeek245

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    If you would have me I would like to make a redston shop in your place just tell me the rent and all that
  18. Mega_Spud

    Mega_Spud Active Member VIP

    Have added Quartz Ore to my stall at /warp bazaar !
  19. epic_poke8

    epic_poke8 Active Member VIP

    Well, i am going to publicly thank Stephen for this, I have made at least 45k off of my stand, bought some beacons, and now feel awesome whenever I get near my home. Thank you.
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  20. Rem

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    In b4 lag

    Sent from my House that is mine with my alive dog