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Discussion in 'Shop and Trade' started by StephenP67, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. StephenP67

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    I'm pretty happy with the level of trade coming through Bazaar at the moment so have decided to keep stalls rent free. There are still a few vacant stalls for anyone interested in setting up shop. The one provision is to be mindful of items being sold in existing stalls so there is a wide variety of items on offer across Bazaar.
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  2. Mega_Spud

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    Just to say, Stephen and I have decided to incorporate a book store section at Bazaar!

    It's still in the process of being stocked, (sorting and labelling is taking a while!)

    But here's a snapshot of what it looks like, and there is a variety to choose from already.

    /warp bazaar


    Best Wishes,

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  3. Mega_Spud

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    Quick update:
    I've re-stocked a load of the books here, and I'm going to look into redoing the signs to make it more user friendly also.
  4. N2Mining

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    I have a question about shops on SC. Can we sell enchanted tools in Shop Chests? I know we can sell enchanted books. I checked the wiki and the video tutorial is gone.
  5. ezeiger92

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    Use /iteminfo with the item in your hand, it will give you something like 313#9v to put on the sign, which has the enchantment data.
  6. Mega_Spud

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    A quick search with keyword "shop" brought this up N2Mining

    I was actually going to make a tutorial for the ChestShop plugin as I didn't think there was one ;)

    So I was quite pleased to find this:

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  7. N2Mining

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    Thanks Mega, I clicked the link in the wiki (via Navigation) and this page did not show up. I think it might be orphaned. I will try it tonight.