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Discussion in 'Minecraft Discussions' started by CyberVic, Apr 7, 2014.

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  2. Bumped again!
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    Hey, remember this thread? For the last two weeks, I've had all active staff bump the MinecraftForum thread. That's the only major thing we changed over the last two weeks, and we've had more players online.

    I know many of you see bumping the server threads as pointless, and nothing I've said has changed your mind. Just look at the numbers:
    17 peak during Sunday events
    13 players on a Monday evening
    Average 40% players are yellow at any time
    Over 10 players for up to 3 hours

    Bumping works. As staff, we're doing our best to keep that thread visible, but we need more help to really grow our server.
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    Definitely bumping the thread during prime time hours is good too. Bumping during a weird hour of the day when no one is on won't really help. Although honestly any bumping is better than no bumping so don't get me wrong I'm not trying to discourage people. Just suggesting that it's best to bump maybe when you're about to get on, like vote, then bump or something.

    If people join and see no one is on, even if it's bumped on MC Forums, they will turn away, but if there's even 10+ people online they will at least give it a shot. We've got to get back up to the critical mass to keep people sticking around and attracting more people regularly.
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    Maybe do a Reddit/Imgur post ala 2B2t did?
  7. Bumped because SC is awesome!
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    Bumpathump! - I've been playing for a whopping week, and I have been having a grand time on ShadeCrest. Great plugins, not too hard to get things back while still making minecraft a challenge. Thanks for having a great server!
  9. I'm so glad I happened to see you. By the way, _Seismic, the guy you talked to is my son. Sadly, I had to get back to work so I left him and his sister, MissRodgers. Nice to meet you btw!
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    Now it all makes sense! Hopefully you left them in good hands!
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