What is yet to come... ~Pine Square

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  1. bkoch5

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    Pine Square
    Re-founded by: Bkoch5

    Here are some pictures of Pine Square! I will hopefully be posting more after I finish some MAJOR renovations.. Mega_Spud showed me some epic builds today and it has inspired me to try to make the best towny town ever!! (as in best looking xD)

    The town will be under constant construction so i'm not fully open to adding any more residents, but if you want to join and pay me taxes so be it :D I won't stop you! Also I do only have 2 plots that are for-sale, but one has already been bought, so one left... :D

    Here are da pics o' de town y'all... *says Koch in Jamaican accent*


    If you like what you see so much! And want to help! You can help me out by typing:
    /money pay Bkoch5 $$$

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  2. Magetime

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    I so wish this was in PVP but amazing job so far! I might join if I take a break from PVP
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  3. TheTechGeek245

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    I bought a plot :I
  4. SkittlesQueen

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    Very nice so far!

    follow the buzzards
  5. Rem

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    you did more work in a smaller amount of time then Aurora did at all
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  6. sharqman

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    All hail King Koch!
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  7. bkoch5

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    Woooo! Thanks for all of the replys xD Also if this town was pvp I would build a crap ton of walls.... hate pvp xD

    Really xD I thought I was going slow xD I'm not rushing it
  8. bkoch5

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    Also! (forgot...) Thanks again to THEdeadRETURNED for the very generous donation of some beacons to my town!! :D
  9. TheTechGeek245

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    my town currently owns 2 beacons as well not set up yet tho
  10. waterpower1

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    Oi! This thread is about pinesquare!

    I really love how your town is turning out. I managed to take a brief stroll down its streets, and I was amazed!
  11. sharqman

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  12. Mega_Spud

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    Amazing! Some great builds there, love the swords.
  13. bkoch5

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    Great memories in those pictures right there!! So sad so see it all gone.. but hopefully this new Pine Square will be even better!!
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  14. k9katz

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    I was glad to see those pictures of past builds, ty for that sharq !
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