This Week in ShadeCrest - 2014/05/23

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    • Survival - First Nation in 2.0, Tortuga
    • Survival - Return of Pine Square
    • Creative - Qb10panther Architect
    • Creative - MC Builders Convention
    • Vanilla - Coming Soon

    Survival - First Nation in 2.0
    Long ago, groups of towns called "nations" existed, the two most prominent (and only ones in existence) were Athos and DarkFire. These nations fought hard everyday, avoiding sleep to fight for what they believed in. Then, everything changed when the map reset. A year and a half passed, when Rem and his companions came along and created Tortuga. It currently dominates the PvP map, and is longing for another town to rise up and make it fight for its position.

    Survival - Return of Pine Square
    Bkoch5 is back, and on a mission to create a new and improved Pine Square (an ancient town of the peaceful side), from the ground up. It's looking great already.

    Creative - Qb10panther Architect
    As the title suggests, qb10panther has been promoted to architect! His builds are very impressive, and I suggest everyone takes a look in-game when you get the chance. His warps are /Warp TreePort, /Warp SeaIsland, /Warp SCHS, and /Warp TempleOfTheSky. He has been working on this promotion for a long time, and has improved significantly since he first joined the server.

    Creative - MC Builders Convention
    ShadeCrest will be participating in the very first MC Builders Convention. You can thank A360P for getting us involved in this event. We're hoping that in coming years, it will grow to be a very popular event. Our plot is already in the works, and will be transported to the convention server before the event starts. We're hoping to get as many of you out there as possible to represent our server! The convention lasts from July 2nd to July 6th, so we still have a fair bit of time to prepare.

    Vanilla - Coming Soon
    Vanilla hasn't been mentioned in a while, but alas it will be returning soon. The old map will be resetting, but a download will be released for those of you interested. We're hoping to get it running a bit smoother this time around with more admins to check up on people and prevent trouble, and hence more security for players. The server will be whitelisted, and you can apply for it in the application thread that I'll be posting sometime today. There will be a zero tolerance policy for trouble-makers on vanilla. If we whitelist you, and you abuse our trust, you are out for good! Just play nice.
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    Cool! I'll be on that white list and I'll add truk to it too...and ndv if u haven't already been told but token redeem command is broken again

    follow the buzzards