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  1. Z_Millla

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    Vanilla Server Community Projects
    Got an idea for a community project on the vanilla server? Post it here. Once construction of individual projects begin there will likely be separate threads made for things like who is building what sections, what materials will be needed, yada yada yada. Until then feel free to post any ideas, interests in building, or ability to donate materials in this thread as well.

    Current Ideas:
    -Spawn Building/Village
    -Nether Hub + Rail System
    -Player Market/Shops
    -Overworld Rail System
    -Minigames Area (Guudeland)
    -PVP Arena

    Current Project:
    None, but Spawn will likely be first.​
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  2. Z_Millla

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    My personal ideas:

    For spawn I was thinking a main building where you spawn in with exits to all four directions. Outside we could have some small functional farms for new players, and then divide up small plots of land for players to obtain and build a small house if they'd like, or even custom player shops. Then obviously nether access and possibly some overworld railways.

    For the nether, it's pretty clear we should build a kickass railway system. I vote reserving the ceiling for this since it is easy to dig out and leaves the option for both overlooks on lavalakes and easy access to the nether roof. We could also make a wither slayer in the bedrock ceiling. Beyond that people can build wherever in the nether.

    As a general rule for things like spawn plots and nether railways, I think there should be a minimum playtime requirement of 1-2 months or so (probably shorter for nether, longer for spawn plot). Just a simple thing to prevent people claiming something only to leave and waste space.
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  3. A360P

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    I think a player run market place would be very cool, get a bit of economy going.

    I would also love to make an amusement park of sorts, with player made mini-games and maybe an arena for some PvP fun. I've already had some ideas for fun things to make and I would love to see what else the community can come up with.
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  4. Magetime

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    The mindcrackers have an area called GuudesLand which is a place where people can make mini games. I personally think we should make some area like this
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  5. xXInsanityCatXx

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    An overland highway system for traversing the land by foot/on a horse would be nice.
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  6. Z_Millla

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    All very good ideas, updated.

    THEdeadRETURNED Active Member VIP

    a Nether hub similar to what mindcrack has would be REALLY cool
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  8. mellie

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    I really really want "high scores". For most deaths, time played online, etc.
  9. Legend9468

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    Not massively practical, but maybe a Colosseum? It's a large and relatively simple build, which could be then used to run player events.

    Just an idea for when you've finished stuff like server infrastructure.