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    Wasn't sure if this should be in Announcements or Suggestions. Any mod, feel free to move it. Maybe we need some new sections.

    I think it would be a good idea to have a community directory of coordinates. If you have a base you would like listed, made a community farm, made an XP farm you'd like to offer people to use, stumbled across a village, or anything else you think would be an asset to the community as a whole, please post the following information, and I'll update this first post with said info. I'm also open to suggestions how to make this list better, so feel free to leave a comment. Please don't post other people's bases... Some may want it to be somewhat private.

    What is at the location you're sharing:

    That being said, on with the list!

    Overworld Locations

    Spawn: 139, 87, 229
    Spawn nether portal: 95, 87, 252 (Thanks little_stitch87!)
    Skeleton XP grinder: -152, y?, 488

    Nether Locations

    Main hub portal: TBD

    That's it for now, just getting the ball rolling!
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    For when one of the ppl i live with shares our base. Im killing ppl insight if you annoy me or anyone else. And waving a weapon around will be concidered an act of violence and you will need too be dealt with ;)
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    D: dont hurt me
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    Skeleton Grinder
    -152 488