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Discussion in 'Survival Server Issues' started by hywzerboydy, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. hywzerboydy

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    Hey everyone, so I have been having a problem for a couple of days. I can't join the server, I tried yesterday and today and it won't work. I have a screenshot so if anyone knows what it is, or can help, I'd be very grateful.

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  2. Rem

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    Literally reset your game, like off then on

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  3. Random0ne

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    Generally I get that message when I have two instances of minecraft running. The second instance invalidates the first session, which prevents you from logging onto servers with the first. Could that be what's happening?
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  4. hywzerboydy

    hywzerboydy Active Member VIP

    I only had one instance of minecraft running, but it randomely started working again for some reason :p Thanks for the help anyway :)